After HBO Max, SkyShowtime also stunts with a 50% discount for life

At the beginning of this year, shortly after the launch of the other new streaming service Viaplay, HBO Max made a splash in the Dutch market. Got new subscribers lifetime whopping 50% discount if they took out a membership in the first weeks. The third newcomer to the streaming landscape of 2022, SkyShowtimenow appears to offer the same action at the European launch.

New streaming service SkyShowtime offers a lifetime discount of 50%

Today, the new streaming service SkyShowtime went live in the first four European markets: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. If you take a look at the website from one of these countries, it turns out that you currently have a very attractive offer receives from the video on demand platform: 50% discount for life.

For example, a subscription in Finland (comparable subscription costs with the Netherlands) normally costs € 6.99 p/m, but this price is reduced by the promotion to a very competitive cost of only €3.49 per month. In Sweden (79.00 > 39.50 SEK), Norway (79 > 39.50 NOK) and Denmark (69 > 34.50 DKKK), the offer is also applied. Film and series lovers will have 42 days to take advantage of the promotion, because the offer will expire on November 1st.

SkyShowtime will go live in the Netherlands on October 25, 2022, price will be announced soon

In the Netherlands, we only have to wait a month for the launch, it was announced this morning. SkyShowtime will be on here October 25 launched. As a result of the Scandinavian discount campaign, the Streamwijzer editors have asked the streaming service whether the lifetime offer will also be introduced here. The SkyShowtime spokesperson could not confirm or deny this at the moment, but made it clear that we have a similar in the Netherlands “competitive” can expect surprise at a “exceptional price”.

“The price will be competitive, allowing us to offer great content at an exceptional price. We will announce this in the coming weeks.”
– Spokesperson for SkyShowtime*

HBO Max organized the same temporary discount at the beginning of this year

It is certainly a fantastic action, but not quite exceptional anymore. HBO Max was launched in the Netherlands in March and then the Netherlands fell head over heels for their offer: 50% off forever. At least, until one day you cancel your subscription. Then you lose your advantage and it cannot be recovered.

SkyShowtime may have been inspired by HBO Max’s offering, which was received with great enthusiasm by Dutch film and series lovers. There is therefore a good chance that the conditions for the promotion are similar: the discount expires if you cancel your subscription and price increases also apply to your membership, although of course only for half. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed, so we will have to wait for further reporting. As soon as we know more, we will be the first to announce it via your mail and in the Facebook group with SkyShowtime viewers. In addition, you can always keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates.

* Original statement in English: “Pricing will be competitive offering great content at exceptional value and will be announced in the coming weeks”

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