The bride in ‘Blind Married’ sounded as enthusiastic as a politician after an overnight meeting about the nuclear trip

The UK had ‘the funeral of the century’ and we also had something planned yesterday. Namely: ‘the largest wedding party in Flanders’, organized by ‘Blind married’, which this season allowed all couples to celebrate their marriage together.

Stefaan Werbrouck

In previous seasons, after the duos had said yes, they were each allowed to sound out on the union with family, friends and colleagues, but this time everyone was pushed together in one room. The reason for that was never really clear during the party. Did the makers start looking for rooms too late and was everything already fully booked? Did people have to pay attention this time and did they get a nice deal there in Waasmunster in exchange for some drone images of the building and surroundings? Or does ‘Blind Marriage’ want to go more along the lines of the version in Australia, where the couples have been celebrating together for years and then also travel together, which creates extra tension and sometimes sparks between two people who strangely enough not matched by the experts.

Perhaps the answer will come from next week, when we follow the newlyweds as they enjoy their honeymoon together. Actually, the new format of ‘Blind Married’ isn’t the most important question that has popped into my mind in the episodes that have aired so far, but what exactly is the role of Ingeborg should be as a whole. The singer is a big fan of the program, so she is allowed to experience everything from the front row and after all these years of ‘Blind date’, she can now see couples waving and clumsily coming down a staircase. But she doesn’t become much more than a cheerleader who loves this ‘party of love’, thinks there is a great click between all the duos and ‘has a really good feeling this year’. I’m even starting to fear a bit that when one of the couples will go to bed together for the first time in the next few weeks, Ingeborg will suddenly appear and say a ‘Come on, cool!’ will be heard.

In whose bedroom is it most likely that Ingeborg will have to sit between the curtains? Maybe kindergarten teacher Jana and emergency nurse Christian, who already have an above-average interest in each other’s bodies, how long they exercise each week and how much protein is taken in on average. Or that of Brecht and Dziubi, who have developed such a connection in a matter of hours that the other couples look on with some envy. The only thing that can still spoil the game is the opening dance, which took place to the tones of ‘Always remember us this way’ by Lady Gaga, from the soundtrack of ‘A Star Is Born’. The dance itself was romantic, but Dziubi said afterwards that both urgently needed to watch the film together and if we remember something from ‘A star is born’, then that the ending didn’t immediately have an erotic effect.

The click is less present with the two other couples: wine seller Joren emphasized very often that neither he nor his partner Jana is the type of ‘coup de foudre’ and also between Florence and Jiri the initial enthusiasm has cooled somewhat. However, they were just announced by Ingeborg as ‘the prince couple’ and they were also allowed to come down the stairs last and do their opening dance, as if the other duos were some kind of support act. But in his speech, Jiri thanked family, friends and colleagues for their presence and barely mentioned his wife, as if he had won an award rather than a wife. And when Florence’s sister asked if there was any “magic,” she said “there was common ground and maybe there was potential too,” a response one would expect from a politician after a long late-night meeting about reversing the nuclear phase-out. .

But hey, maybe things will get better when they can stay with the other couples in Bodrum, Turkey, a destination that was repeated so many times by the end of the episode and even sparked such excitement among the two self-proclaimed world travelers Florence and Jiri that there was so much excitement there. undoubtedly an agreement has also been reached with a tour operator.

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