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Supermodel Hailey Bieber (25) may be one of the most famous and most talked about star couples in the world with her husband Justin, but no journalist dares to ask her about her sex life with the singer. But if you bring it up, she answers candidly, a new podcast shows.

Hailey finds it a bit uncomfortable. “Because I think: my parents are going to listen to this,” she says in the podcast Call Her Daddy. “There’s something so uncomfortable about your parents listening.”

It’s the first time Hailey has been asked about her sex life and she thinks she knows why. “I have a theory that people don’t find married sex interesting,” said Hailey, who has been married to Justin since 2018. ,,I don’t think anyone cares about it.” Presenter Alex Cooper sees it differently. “You are the most beautiful people in the world, this is what people want to know.”

The international showbiz media clearly think the same; they all write about Hailey’s statements. Like she and Justin prefer to have sex in the evening, but she also likes it in the morning. That she doesn’t see herself having a threesome or open relationship anytime soon, because she thinks it will never end well. “We’ve worked really hard to get to where we are today,” Hailey said. “There’s such a beautiful trust and such a beautiful bond that I wouldn’t feel good about that – and neither would he.”


We regularly just talk for sex, a very nice conversation, that is really important to him

Hailey Bieber

How did they build that trust? Especially because Justin is so open, according to Hailey. He’s told her all about his previous girlfriends and lets Hailey read along when a woman makes advances on Instagram. Hailey soon finds that going too far. At the same time, she encourages him to make friends especially with women, as she does with men. She herself never gets flirty messages, claims the top model.

She also tells more intimate things. Like their favorite position (they alternate but Hailey likes doggy style and less of the missionary pose) and what she finds exciting about Justin. ,,It can be something about our bond together, or something physical… Kissing is very important to me, always has been”, she says. For Justin, their ‘connection’ is also essential. ,,We are regularly just talking [voor de seks], a very nice conversation, that is really important to him.” When she is asked to choose between being satisfied orally for the rest of her life or with Justin’s hands, she can’t choose. “Because it’s always a combination.”

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Hailey previously announced that she was not squeamish about her sexuality. Justin, now 28, and Hailey, 25, are often seen as “eternal teenagers,” Hailey said at the time. She thought that was a misconception: they are married adults who embrace their sexuality. Sometimes latex is involved, as it turned out.

One of the previous friends Justin will have told candidly is singer and actress Selena Gomez. Hailey was criticized when she dated the singer, as fans accused her of stealing Justin from Selena. It was rumored that the singer had cheated on her. That is ‘really not’ the case, Hailey says now. “It’s not in me to interfere with other people’s relationships. I never wanted to and never would.”

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