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TVThunderclouds over Florence and Jiri. The couple is unable to build a strong bond and that led to a clash over affection and incomprehension at the breakfast table. With Christiaan and Jana it is very different: they played the first tongue kiss of the season and even dropped the word ‘sex’. The slightly desperate Joren and Lien then call in their mothers as a last resort.

As two adolescents in love, Jana and Christiaan sat on the couch of relationship therapist Wim Slabbinck. On the program: a conversation about intimacy. Red-faced and giggling, Jana told them they haven’t done ‘it’ yet. No problem, Slabbinck thought, but what’s wrong with trying? And so he suggested to Christiaan to simply ask the question to his wife. Nervous hilarity. “Would you be okay with it?”, Christiaan finally asked. “Yes”, Jana shuffled back and forth on the couch.

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Or how an intention to act can simply be forced. Slabbinck was pleased, because he also confided to the couple that their ‘sexual curiosity’ is one reason why the kindergarten teacher and the emergency nurse were matched. Again hilarity from the two. “Now we are going to expect each other to be sex gods”, Christiaan laughed nervously. Earlier, Jana also said that “it is just waiting for the right moment.” The two already seem entwined. More about that below.

Quiet breakfast

Entwined is just about everything Florence and Jiri are not. The traffic cop and the emergency nurse had their first collision. That went – outside the cameras – as follows. When she left for work, she gave him a hug. Nice, thought Jiri, who has been polling for some form of affection for six episodes. And so he texted her to say so. She panicked completely. Florence: “He sent: ‘I enjoy every touch with you’. That black and white reading was too much. The fact that I afterwards said with a laugh that I would not hold him again, he took the wrong way. “I feel like it’s already a foregone conclusion,” he said. The result was a quiet duo at breakfast. A spark in the right direction seems very far away at the moment.

Jiri and Florence: “There’s a good chance it won’t work out”

Jiri, Florence visiting therapist Sarah Hertens. © VTM

Three things Florence asks her husband Jiri to give their relationship another chance. Time, time and time. Poor Jiri, on the other hand, is completely confused with his feelings. “I want to go for it, but is held back by her doubts,” he tells a friend. Moments later, he admits his true feelings. “There’s a good chance it won’t work out,” he confesses honestly.

It just doesn’t seem to come to Florence. Three times this episode she mentions that she has “no attraction” for her husband. When relationship therapist Sarah Hertens urges her to actively work with intimacy, she almost shuffles off the consultation chair from discomfort. And when the word ‘sex’ is mentioned, she just doesn’t turn purple. “Sex? Oh no!” she almost shakes her head from her frail shoulders. “Sometimes Jiri gives me a big wink and I think: ‘too early’”, says Florence.

Although there are also some hopeful elements. Florence mentions to her sister that she does occasionally feel a spark for her husband. And what certainly argues in favor of the West Flemish is the fact that she does not shy away from the difficulties she has with her own feelings. She names them, meaning she wants to work on them and hasn’t given up on the experiment yet. Patience is – still – the code word for Jiri.

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Jana and Christiaan: “Thanks to him, distance no longer matters”

Netflix and - not yet - chill with Jana and Christiaan.
Netflix and – not yet – chill with Jana and Christiaan. © VTM

Three cheers and applause on all benches, because the first tongue kiss of the season is a fact. During an evening Netflix in the couch with a blanket, an unmanned camera registered the intimate moment between Jana and Christiaan. During the honeymoon, the two had a moment of crisis when she admitted that she did not find the appearance of her trained nurse very attractive, but that shortcoming seems to have disappeared. Even the distance – he lives in Geel, she lives in Lokeren – no longer seems to be a problem. “I looked forward to having to move every day from work in Lokeren to our apartment in Kontich, but if I know he’s there, I don’t mind,” said Jana. We note that as a first-class declaration of love.

Joren and Lien: “Wall up instead of down”

Lien and Joren enlist the help of their mothers.
Lien and Joren enlist the help of their mothers. © VTM

The buffet of good intentions is still richly filled at Joren and Lien. “I’m going to throw myself until the last day,” said a combative Joren. “I need to open up more,” said Lien, who admits that “her wall has gone up instead of down”. But a blind person can see that their situation is fairly hopeless. An uneasy hug at a reunion, a distant tap on his knee when she leaves for work. And also with relationship therapist Sarah Hertens, Lien admits for the first time that there was no click when she first saw Joren. What do you do in such a hopeless situation? Right. Call your mother. And so the two mommies showed up at Lien’s coffee bar. “They are always surrounded by others, then you can never get to know each other,” said Lien’s mom. “If it doesn’t work out, you have committed yourself”, concluded Joren’s mother. If even the moms can’t see a way out, we don’t see it at all.

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Brecht and Dziubi: “How compatible we are is not normal”

Brecht and Dziubi have dinner with Brecht's family.
Brecht and Dziubi have dinner with Brecht’s family. © VTM

Last week, the camera recorded some awkward moments between Brecht and Dziubi. The two seemed to have a different view of the future, with Brecht clearly going a bit faster than his Limburg husband. But the Brecht and Dziubi train now seems to be moving at a brisk pace again. They were only briefly discussed this episode, but when they came into the picture it was again hozanna. “How compatible we are is not normal, where does this end?”, asks Brecht, who also took his husband to his parents. There Dziubi already became ‘our Dziubi’. Still not a speck in the air.



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