Sander Schimmelpenninck pisses from the inside in

wow. Tim does what Sander might want. Start your own country. Own people, own laws, money, flag, national anthem. Tim den Besten (35) works in six episodes of the youth series Timmyland (VPRO) to the establishment of its own empire. In the first episode on Sunday, he sat at Willem-Alexander’s desk to ask for tips for his plan. In Tim’s land, there are salons where residents can pet dogs. Every Sunday a Timmy snack, half frikadel, half chicken corn with curry sauce, is distributed at state expense. The idea is that Tim den Besten himself will be in charge of the country. As king, president, general or all at once, as long as he’s in charge. Willem-Alexander could not help him with that, but he did arrange a visit to Mark Rutte for him. The ‘real boss’ of the Netherlands.

Sander Schimmelpenninck (38) is the sole ruler in his Twitter kingdom. There he can decide who of his 164k inhabitants can talk to and who can’t, but he can’t prevent people who strongly disagree with him from grazing him in the street. He must, he said on Sunday evening at College Tour, sometimes running for his life. And claim Schiermonnikoog, like him in a tweet suggested? Then I give the plan for Timmyland more chance, which must arise on a new Wadden Island to be redeveloped.

On the podium where many a world leader sat, Sander Schimmelpenninck was welcomed as an opinion leader. The first question, always, is what the guest was like as a student. A minimum line, Sander said. Lazy college student, confident suitor. Approaching a girl and asking, “Why do you find me so attractive?” There is so much in that one arrogant sentence. The confusion it brings, the confidence it brings, the expectation of success that brings new success.

He is the first to recognize that his success is largely based on luck rather than merit. Born in a prosperous country, in a good nest, with an excellent education. He has a ton in his bank account, two million in assets, an annual salary of around half a million. “Too much,” he thinks. Yet he is an angry man. One that pisses from the inside inwards, says Jort Kelder about his “mini me”. He commits suicide on everything that shaped him: his noble birth, his class, his corps past, his spoiled friends.

Student Sanne was banned

Student Sanne stood at the microphone with a question. She turned out to be banned from Sander’s Twitter paradise because she wrote something about Sander who thinks flying is too cheap, but keeps flying to his girlfriend in Sweden. Sanne was then blocked by Sander. Because: “Stupidity is always a block.” I don’t know what else happened between the two, but Sander found everything about it “uncomfortable on every level”, and the camera kept coming back to the girl who was once a fan of his after her quip, until she couldn’t understand him anymore. . What she said was: Sander is making a series about the gap between rich and poor, but is rich himself. Sander writes critical columns de Volkskrant, but is still rich. Sander is left, but he remains rich. It’s getting, she said, a little unbelievable.

Sander remained sovereign. You can, he says, be pro-money and think that wealth should be distributed more fairly. He is not leftist, or overly empathetic with the poorest. He is, however, “annoyed” that the economic system in the Netherlands is deepening the gap. Shouldn’t he go into politics himself? “Skin in the game.” That seems to him a guarantee for even more threat and “babble”. That’s why I say, do your own country. I know what Sander puts on first. A new tax system that rewards work and taxes wealth.

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