Splinter Chabot and Ferry Doedens ‘flir’ in the Farm of Dorst

Viewers seem a bit divided about the guests in last night Farm of Thirst. Guests Ferry Doedens and Splinter Chabot seem to get along well on the farm. And they flirt a bit.

Not all viewers react ‘nicely’ to the episode with Doedens and Chabot. Because not everyone seems equally interested in these two guys. Incidentally, Van Dorst, as often happens, receives favorable reactions. Van Dorst’s humor, open and non-judgmental attitude and curiosity continue to do well with the viewing public. Many viewers don’t care who the guests are, as long as Van Dorst appears on the screen.

Splinter Chabot and Ferry Doedens are guests at the Farm of Dorst

Doedens talks about his vulnerabilities in the episode. Incidentally, he previously received quite a bit of criticism after his participation in the program Special Forces. In Farm of Thirst His cocaine addiction, his OnlyFans career, panic attacks, his fetish for white sports socks and other matters are discussed. Doedens runs into himself quite a bit and he dares to do that Farm of Dorsto be honest about it. And some viewers admire that.

Chabot turns out to be a cheerful ‘spring-in-the-field’ who walks into the farm wearing work trousers designed by a designer. And Chabot also gets compliments from some viewers about his positive character. Who, as well as honestly, tells about his insecurities and struggles with his sexuality in his youth.

Romance and flirting at the table at Raven van Dorst

But although not every viewer reacts sympathetically to the Farm of Thirst-guests from last night, the warm feelings on the farm are splashing. Because Chabot and Doedens flirt a bit throughout the broadcast. And the dinner in the evening ultimately resembles a kind of date, with Van Dorst sitting as the fifth wheel on the wagon.

Chabot says that he sometimes finds it quite difficult to find love as a famous person. “If someone comes from the field, it already makes a difference, because then you know it doesn’t matter.” After which Doedens responds somewhat flirtatiously: “Okay…?” The two guests start to laugh nervously and Chabot says to Van Dorst: “I don’t know where you sleep?” Van Dorst jokes that he does set up a tent in the garden. And notes that Chabot gets a little uncomfortable. Then Chabot tells about his romantic desires and Doedens appears to have exactly what Chabot is looking for. “You really have to leave now,” Chabot tells Van Dorst.

Yet it turns out that there are enough people among the viewing public who are once again intrigued by the episode of Farm of Thirst.

You look back Farm van Dorst via NPO.

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