HBO Max boss explains future of Harry Potter films and series

After the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery has now also reassured HBO’s content boss Max Harry Potter fans. Yes, more Harry Potter is coming!

Let’s face it, the Fantastic Beasts trilogy wasn’t the best. Hungry fans grab every bit of Harry Potter magic with both hands, but that sets the bar lower than you should want.

What Happens After Fantastic Beasts?

The power of JK Rowling is a curse and a blessing in that. Without her approval, the film studio Warner Bros. Discovery stop making Harry Potter content. Otherwise, the entertainment giant would undoubtedly have long since followed Disney with an extortionate that you say to you.

Plus, many fans blame the controversial writer herself for how the Fantastic Beasts trilogy turned out. She was responsible for the scripts of the films, and that is a different sport than writing books. In addition, the films also performed poorly in terms of cinema sales. Even if you limit yourself to the Potter films, the film series was on a downward chart. The last film yielded the least.

CEO wants more Harry Potter movies

Will Warner Bros. still pull out the wallet for more Harry Potter?

Fortunately, the short answer seems to be yes. There is hope for Potter fans. David Zaslav, the brand new boss of the studio behind Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter in general, recently told shareholders that he wants to make more Harry Potter films.

“We haven’t had a Superman movie in thirteen years. We haven’t done Harry Potter in 15 years,” Zaslav said. The entrepreneur wants more Harry Potter movies, “if we can do something with JK Rowling in the future.”

HBO Max Boss Is Also On Board

Moreover, it does not stop there. The magical world of JK Rowling can also take the route of Star Wars and The Mandalorian going to follow. Perhaps an alternative to bombastic cinema blockbusters, with less risk.

Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at streaming service HBO Max, gives fans hope. In a recent interview with film magazine Variety, she even said this about Harry Potter fans: “We’re definitely creating new content for those fans and thinking about what we want to do next.”

The Secrets of Dumbledore Fantastic Beasts 3 Johnny Depp
Fantastic Beasts (Image: Warner Bros.)


So yes, new Potter content is coming. Most likely on HBO Max. At the same time, we still don’t know anything. In fact, if her quote tells us anything, it’s that fans will have to wait a long time. Warner Bros. and Discovery, moreover, have only just merged. The company is undergoing a transformation with major consequences.

Still, the fact that both the boss of the resulting new mega-corporation and the content boss of HBO Max have expressed an ambition to make more Harry Potter is fantastic news for fans. JK Rowling remains the big question mark, but in the context of a new CEO canceling even an already-finished DC movie, this is already top news.

Fans have plenty of ideas

Speaking of fans: they have already filled online forums with suggestions for new shows or movies. Consider, for example, a new television adaptation of the books. With time for the school life of the students at Hogwarts. Without the rush of a movie, the charm and magic of Rowling’s world can be explored much more effectively.

Or a prequel about the early years of James Potter and Sirius Black. Or a origin story for Voldemort. Speaking of the franchise’s great villain, actor Ralph Fiennes already has a sensual idea for a Voldemort story of his own. Time to Andoro and The Rings of Power to go after!

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HBO Max boss explains future of Harry Potter films and series

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