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BVLike dozens of other colleagues, Geena Lisa Peeters (50) also received bad news from the VRT. “I am also forced to say goodbye. No room for an internal coach at VRT,” the screen face wrote on Facebook. Her resignation has since been confirmed to our editors. Geena Lisa has been employed by the VRT since 2000 and was best known as an announcer and presenter of programs such as ‘Fata Morgana’.

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At the public broadcaster VRT, talks will take place this week with the employees who are forced to leave as part of the transformation plan. “Bijltjesdag at VRT”, VRT journalist Phara de Aguirre tweeted on Tuesday. “Tears in one corridor for colleagues who have received a meeting request, in the other corridor relief for colleagues who have not received it.”

Geena Lisa is therefore also among the colleagues who have to leave. She does not want to comment for the time being, but a message she posted on social media leaves no doubt about it. “I am also forced to say goodbye. No room for an internal coach at VRT,” she responded on Facebook. After which many acquaintances immediately put their heart under the belt.

Presenter, announcer, actress, singer: Geena Lisa did it all. She entered the television world in 1992 with a role in the VTM soap opera ‘What now again?’. She also became known as the ‘Lalala’ girl in the VTM programs ‘De Liegende Doos’ and ‘Lalala Live’ with Bart Peeters. Later she mainly worked as a broadcaster, first for the then Channel 2, then eight years for VTM and since 2000 for TV1, which later became One. Over the years she also presented various programs, such as ‘Fata Morgana’ and ‘Vlaanderen Muziekland’.

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Geena Lisa and Sergio presented ‘Fata Morgana’ together. © VRT

With the disappearance of the announcers at One in 2015, the fate of Geena Lisa seemed already sealed. But the public broadcaster still saw a future and gave her a new chance: she could work as a screen employee coordinator, advising and coaching screen faces at the VRT. She has held that job until now. “I train novice faces, but also more experienced hands. From mental support to purely professional. How do you stand in front of a camera? How do you deal with the media?”, said Geena in ‘Story’. “Be careful, I really had to fight to come across as credible as a coach and trainer. If you have the label ‘announcer’, you are sometimes treated stepmotherly. Executives who think: what is this TV presenter telling me here? But then I hold on. I bite into that and stay positive.”

A few months ago she said that she absolutely did not miss her television work. “I don’t dislike it and I’ve had twenty fantastic years, but it offered too little substance, I thought. One of my best experiences was ‘Fata Morgana’, although I don’t think the program would work now. Then there were no social media and we could work for a week without much leaking, “she said in Day All. In the same interview, she also talked about turning fifty. “That sounds cool to me,” he said. “As an 18-year-old, I had a hard time when people said that my student days were the best of my life. ‘Wow, will things go downhill for the next eighty years?’ That cliché is wrong. You have exams, need to find a good job, the right man. Now I enjoy and live much more consciously.”

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