“Charles will want to iron out wrinkles, it’s the only way out of this mess”: Tension rises for television interviews with Prince Harry

Rest assured: Sunday night at 11pm (our time) everyone in the UK and far beyond will be glued to the television. Then the interview that Prince Harry to the British channel ITV gave broadcast. An hour later, an interview on the American channel follows CBSMonday morning (in the US) a third interview follows Good morning America on ABC.

We’ve been getting bits and pieces of that in the past few days ITVinterview, and it is clear that Harry is once again not shying away from a subject. From his use of magic mushrooms and cocaine to his relationship with his brother and father: certainly within the British royal family will be watched with extraordinary interest, and perhaps also some fear.

Danger to monarchy


Because what Harry brings out could have “absolutely catastrophic consequences” for the British royal family. Catherine Mayer, royalty expert and biographer of King Charles, said this weekend in an interview with The Observer. “It is quite possible that all this fuss will be the beginning of the end of the monarchy. We must dare to talk about this honestly. There is little trust in the government and the royal family and far-right politicians are gaining popularity, so it is a very important moment. The royal family is an institution that stands for inequality through all these stories about racism, wealth and misogyny, so there is a lot at stake.”

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According to the author, the allegations made by Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have the potential to undermine the foundations on which the royal family is built. “Unless the problems are addressed. This is easily dismissed as a celebrity story, but it is much more than that. It revolves around the status of an important state institution, with significant powers and significant taxpayer funding.”


According to experts, what impact the whole fuss around Prince Harry’s memoirs and interviews will have on the royal house will also depend on how King Charles handles it. The central question is: will things be okay between the king and his son?


According to British newspaper sources The Telegraph that cannot be ruled out. They say it is King Charles’ wish to reconcile with his son, the Duke of Sussex. At the moment there is a stalemate, “and the challenge now will be not to let a mountain of resentment build up that they can’t get over”. “In many ways, the royal family is like any other family. And within families, reconciliations happen faster than outside. The fact that they are father and son will bring them together again.” The king would be convinced that it will come to this, the sources still believe.

If it does not come to that, the same sources share Catherine Mayer’s feeling that the consequences for the royal family will be enormous. “Reconciliation is the only way out of this mess,” it sounds. And the fact that Prince Harry also indicated in a teaser of the interview that he sees a reconciliation, offers the British some hope.


Harry’s memoirs, Save titled, will not be in stores until Tuesday. Nevertheless, many details have already been leaked in recent days, partly because copies of the Spanish-language version have already been sold in Spain by mistake and also because parts of the book have already been eagerly leaked in the United Kingdom.

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About the fight between Harry and William, for example, when they just didn’t fight in Harry and Meghan’s home. About his frozen penis, the negative attitude of family members towards Meghan and the Taliban fighters he killed. But also about William’s marriage, which Harry claims he wasn’t really his brother’s best man. He had to pretend, for the watching outside world, says Harry. “I had to go along with the lie. But two of his friends were the real witnesses.”


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In the ITVinterview will also tell Harry about the guilt that overcame him when he was barely allowed to show emotions after the death of his mother, Princess Diana. “I cried once at the funeral. There were 50,000 bouquets of flowers for our mother. And we stood there shaking hands, with the smile. And those hands were wet. We didn’t understand why, but it was from the tears they wiped away,” was seen in snippets that have already been shown.

It promises to be turbulent days, weeks and even months within the British royal family. Starting with the interviews on Sunday and Monday, and a day later there is already Harry’s book.


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