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with videoIs Yvonne Coldeweijer crossing a line with her revealing juice about Rachel Hazes, or does the country’s most famous widow owe all the negative gossip and slander to herself? In the court in Amsterdam, the lawyers of the ruffs went into it this afternoon with a straight leg.

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The contrast could hardly be greater. While Rachel Hazes (52), head bowed and sunglasses on her nose, skillfully wriggles out and keeps the reporters at a distance with her umbrella, her arch-rival Yvonne Coldeweijer (36) leaves the room with twinkling eyes. Hazes has been in the car to Mijdrecht for a long time and would like to forget this matter as soon as possible. Coldeweijer will speak to numerous TV crews afterwards. “Of course I will continue,” she says about her controversial channel Life Of Yvonne.

That channel, which has more than 680,000 followers on Instagram, has been a thorn in the side of the Hazes family for months. Mother Rachel is fed up with the ‘deluge of untruths and gross insults’ and believes that the judge should intervene. The immediate reason for the summary proceedings she initiated is the leak of a personal letter from Hazes’ son André, addressed to his ex-girlfriend Sarah van Soelen.

Coldeweijer states that she received that letter, which she read in full in front of 130,000 viewers, unsolicited. She states that Rachel Hazes leaked this to her for reasons of her own. After a summons from the Hazes camp, Coldeweijer took the video offline last November. To put it back online a month later, because the claims made in it would be completely correct. “My channel has no right to exist by spreading untruths,” says Coldeweijer himself.


She says she has two ‘reliable spies’ who, deeply infiltrated into the Hazes clan, constantly provide fresh gossip. In recent months, this has led to several revealing stories, most of which later turned out to contain a grain of truth. Jaap Versteeg, Hazes’ lawyer, does not have a good word for these ‘alleged spies’. “They have their own agenda and are only out to put Hazes in a bad light,” he says in his plea.

There are also serious doubts about the reliability of the two secret informants. According to Versteeg, Coldeweijer suggests in her videos that Rachel Hazes and son André no longer have contact with each other. Coldeweijer states that this is due to the leak of the letter. This is firmly denied by the Hazes camp. “The leak of the letter is not the reason that there is less contact between Rachel and her son. This is due to an incident a few weeks before the leak.” In recent weeks, there has been app contact between mother and son, says Versteeg.

The treatment of the leak is actually overshadowed in the two-hour session by perhaps the most important element in this case: the right to (in)decency. In recent months, Coldeweijer has regularly pilloried Rachel Hazes in her vlogs. The juice vlogger does not hesitate to use offensive texts such as ‘narcissistic person’, ‘leech’, ‘crazy’ and ‘hypersensitive witch’ in her productions. “Intensely hurtful and unnecessarily offensive,” said the lawyer. In the run-up to the summary proceedings, ‘cremated croquette’ was added.

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Team-Coldeweijer reacts very surprised to the latter. “I am truly ashamed that we have to discuss the meaning of ‘cremated croquette’ in court,” says the juice vlogger. According to her lawyer, Hazes should not take it all so seriously. “It is a form of entertainment and satire, which was not invented by Coldeweijer but by the public. You have to take it with a grain of salt. After all, Coldeweijer delivers a kind of cabaret around bringing her juice.”

Hazes’ lawyer thinks that juice channels should be given a degree of freedom because they serve a social interest. “This is not about relevant abuses, but about extremely personal issues in which intimate details are shared. An enormous amount of negativity is sprinkled on Mrs. Hazes. There is nothing good about her in Coldeweijer’s world. It is supposedly one big drama. That is bad and incorrect and it says a lot about the camp where these statements come from. In Coldeweijer’s world she is the fairy and Hazes the witch.” According to the counselor, there is ‘a limit to what is permissible’ and Coldeweijer, who bills himself as a ‘doctoral student in Hazology’, goes over that every time.

According to Coldeweijer’s lawyer, Rachel Hazes should examine her own role in this long-running affair. ,, Within the family people have difficulty with what Mrs Hazes openly proclaims. When defending her own interests, she plays the truth and does not shy away from completely rewriting the history book.” The counselor refers to an item in Best singers, in which daughter Roxeanne talked about the “traumatic” period after death. from her father, the famous folk singer André Hazes senior. Her mother would have been absent for months, when she needed her most.


The lawyer argues that Rachel Hazes is increasingly getting negative news due to juice from Coldeweijer, which is mainly her own fault. “Hazes already had a questionable reputation with the public before the videos appeared. The reactions she describes are the result of her own actions. Everything paints a picture of a mother who has caused controversy for decades. That is the circumstance that must be taken into account here.” According to Coldeweijer’s counsel, there is no question of violating Hazes’ privacy. “She keeps herself busy. She is not afraid to seek publicity in a negative sense.”

That does not give Coldeweijer the right to uncontrollably throw everything into the ether, Hazes thinks. She reproaches Coldeweijer for not adversarial. “There is no right to a hearing if it adds little,” says Coldeweijer’s lawyer. “Hazes would deny it anyway. That is why rebuttal in this matter is completely nonsensical. The public doesn’t expect an adversarial approach from bringing juice.”

According to Hazes’ lawyer, Coldeweijer gets away with it ‘very easily’ by saying afterwards that you should ‘take it all with a grain of salt’. “There are quite a few allegations. Unacceptable if you ask me.”

Hazes, who has not exchanged a glance with Coldeweijer throughout the session, lashes out at her rival in her closing words. “What Mrs. Coldeweijer is doing is really not possible. The truth must come to light.” Coldeweijer also states at the end of the session that nothing is more important to her than the truth. ,,If I told untruths, I wouldn’t have any right to exist.” She adds that she will stand behind her juice ‘with full conviction’.

The judge will rule on January 23.

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Vlogger Yvonne Coldeweijer leaves court © ANP

Vlogger Yvonne Coldeweijer leaves court
Vlogger Yvonne Coldeweijer leaves court © ANP

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