Davina Michelle was suddenly followed by Jennifer Lopez: “How did this happen?” | show

Foreign artists remain fans of our own Davina Michelle. Did singer Pink ever praise her cover of What about us?, in the past year she received a response from superstar Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez suddenly follows her on Instagram. “I really thought: what the f*ck.

During the wedding of Nikkie de Jager (Nikkie Tutorials) and Dylan there was a performance by Davina Michelle. She had made a cover especially for the love couple Always remember us this way from Lady Gaga. The video was also posted on Instagram. “Nikkie had also reacted to it: Gaga, you have to see this!‘ says Davina The last news.

The superstar then responded with: ‘Beautiful sweet heart’. “Very bizarre,” says Davina. “Lady Gaga and Nikkie were already in contact because Nikkie has sometimes recorded a video with her. That’s how it came about, so it’s really super cool. I felt really honored.” A duet between the two will not happen, she expects. “That seems too high to me.”

Perhaps she can turn to Jennifer Lopez for that, who started following her on Instagram last year. “That is of course the beauty of social media. The world gets so small at some point. I also really thought: what the fuck. How did this happen? It’s just really cool about social media that you can get in touch like that.”


However, a career in the United States is not yet on Davina’s wish list. She has, however, started learning German, which she says is ‘really impossible’. Reason is an attempt to release music there. “I enjoy taking on new challenges. Of course I make music in English. I don’t necessarily have to translate my music. So I might as well think: I’m going to try it there too. And if it doesn’t work, then it won’t work. And then I at least tried.”

Check out the cover of Always remember us this way by Davina Michelle below.

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