First names Sjoksfestival 2023 known


AALTEN – The last weekend of May the 31st edition of the Sjoksfestival will start in the center of Aalten. Top tribute bands will be on stage on Friday 26 May. On Saturday afternoon, May 27, young people aged eleven to fifteen can experience the ultimate festival feeling for the second time at the Sjoksfestival Junior. On Saturday evening, cover bands and local and nationally renowned DJs will set the Aalten center on stilts. On Friday 6 January the first names were announced in the AladnaFM studio.

The AFM program Muziekexpress is in full swing, Christiaan ter Haar and Coen Derksen from the Sjoksevenementen foundation make an appearance shortly after the news at 7 p.m. They will be joined by Jesse van Zolingen, Niek Lentink and Rik Dunnewold from LOFT, which also includes Rogier Hoekstra. The men of LOFT are DJs and producers of events. In between the music, the spokespersons of the Sjoksfestival are put to the test.
All ingredients from previous editions are included in the program. Also this year, the sjoksevents foundation presents a two-day festival with a tribute evening on Friday. On Saturday, the Sjoksfestival Junior, the sjoks dinner package and in the evening top DJs and super cover bands are programmed. “We are also organizing the festival this time with SETZ living room, party center ‘t Noorden, original pub Schiller, café Leuven and restaurant Stegers. We are going for another fantastic happening with much of the same and some improvements!”

A special tribute band will be on stage on Friday evening 26 May. “On Friday, the last act is Vannstein, a great wish of the Aalten catering industry, one of the best tribute bands of Rammstein. The fire brigade will probably assist us here,” jokes Christiaan ter Haar of the sjoksevents foundation. “The show is fantastic, that’s why Vannstein is the last tribute band of this evening, then it’s dark, the effect is the best!”
Saturday afternoon is all about the Junior Sjoks Festival for young people between eleven and fifteen years old. Coen Derksen of the organization: “For the second time this event is being organized together with Figulus Welzijn. We provide music, special effects and fun activities at the Hoge Blik. The aim is that the youth can also get acquainted with the ultimate festival feeling.” Christiaan adds: “A nice detail is that fourteen and fifteen year olds volunteer at the Sjoksfestival Junior!”

LA$$A and Jody Bernal
LOFT has almost completed the line up of DJ stage at Hoge Blik. In addition to a fantastic program, they also provide the decoration on and around the DJ stage. Special effects are of course not lacking here. Some big names are DJ LA$$A, a household name in the hip-hop scene, and Jody Bernal. LA$$A storms the Dutch charts in 2022 with ‘ABC’ and ‘1234’. Jesse: “Jody Bernal is known for the big hit ‘que si, que no. Nowadays he is causing a stir as a DJ.’
Top cover bands perform on the main stage, the big stage on the market. The Palomas provide wonderful sing-alongs and a good dose of unadulterated fun! They are alternated by the Rousers, a young band with an American Baseball theme. “The Rousers have an Aaltenaar in their ranks, guitarist Kelvin te Brake is part of the band. They play under the motto ‘we make live music great again’! That is promising!” The Saturday evening program continues until 2:00 am. “We are very happy with that!”
The setting on the market will be very different this year. Coen Derksen: “There is one big stage this year. This means that the conversion, the change over, when changing bands must be fast and effective. We’ll see, basically we offer a non-stop program. What will it look like? We won’t tell you yet…” The start of ticket sales and more new names will soon be announced on the socials of the Sjoksfestival.

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