Netflix is ​​digging its own grave by canceling too many series

The year has just started, or Netflix has already canceled a few beloved series (including 1899). At this rate, the streaming service is digging its own grave.

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1899 cancelled: what will be the next victim?

In the days of linear television, series were made so that people watched commercials. That’s not to say these shows weren’t good, but the primary purpose for channels was to sell ads. If enough people watched, a new season was ordered. If a series did not attract enough viewers, the plug was pulled and something new took its place.

Then Netflix came into play and all the rules were thrown out the window. It was no longer about ads, but subscribers. A wide range was much more important to get people to pay monthly.

There was a lot of room for experimentation and specialization in this wide range. There was something for everyone to get excited about. A series no longer had to appeal to the masses, but also had a right to exist if a smaller group was reached. Unfortunately, that time has now passed.

1899 and Inside Job

The new year has barely begun, or two victims have already fallen at Netflix. First of all, the mysterious 1899 has been canceled, from the creators of the popular Dark. These creatives had a plan for three seasons and everything seemed to indicate that the series was a success. 1899 was in the top list of the streaming service for weeks.

In addition, the animated series Inside Job has been put to a halt. It was previously confirmed that this comedy about conspiracy theories would get a second season, but that has now been reversed. At the end of last year, The Midnight Club, The Midnight Gospel, Warrior Nun and The Bastard Son and The Devil Himself, among others, were also cancelled.

Netflix has backtracked a lot on its strategy of allowing any series to exist. A series must now score. For this, we look at how many people start the series in the first weeks, but also how many people finish the series. Netflix wants viewers, according to The Sandman creator Neil Gaiman in a month have finished the series, otherwise it won’t count in the numbers. According to figures from Digital i (through What’s On Netflix) only 32 percent of people who started with 1899 would have continued to the second episode.

This critical attitude causes piles of series to be canceled, even though they have a lot of fans. This is now increasingly criticized. Because why would you watch another series from Netflix, if it is very likely that there will be no new season – and the story will therefore end with a cliffhanger?

More competition

Netflix is ​​not alone in cutting costs and trying to optimize its series. HBO Max even goes a step further. It cancels new seasons that have already been almost completely recorded and simply removes older seasons from the streaming service because it is cheaper in terms of tax. Not even Westworld can look back.

Netflix’s strategy now seems to still try everything, but also to look carefully at what scores. Only real hits get new seasons. As a result, subscribers are disappointed time and time again and that cannot go well for long. As a result, Netflix increasingly feels optional rather than essential in the current market.

Especially since the amount of new quality series on other streaming services is unprecedented. If you also have a subscription with multiple parties, there is probably a viewing list with cool things that you still want to see with each service. Series such as 1899 are the victims of this, because it ends up on such a list to watch again when things are quieter.

You almost have to feel guilty towards the creators of these series if you don’t get them right away bingebut the whole point of a streaming service was that we were allowed to decide for ourselves what we were going to watch?

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