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Let yourself be locked up in a house with 125 cameras for 100 days to hopefully go home with a cash prize: only the eleven new candidates of ‘Big Brother’ are eager to be there. The third season starts tonight and the tension in the first episode is not to be missed. The streams can be followed at and, the weekly live show on Saturday is presented by Tatyana Beloy and Geraldine Kemper.

Season 2023 starts at 8.30 pm with a kick-off on RTL 5, Belgian viewers can follow the start at 8.30 pm on GoPlay or at 10 pm on Play 4.

The Residents of Season 3:

  • Bart, 49 years old – Itegem (BE) ‘You can’t trust anyone 100% in the house, you can only do that again when the game is over.’
    Bart is in the military and so used to being away from home for several months. Thanks to his profession, he also possesses skills that other residents will not have. He really wants to go through life without telephone, computer and other technology. Bart’s big hobby is motorcycling, he is also the proud owner of a 2 meter long hose. If he is annoyed by something or someone, you will notice it immediately. He will look away twice, but the third time he will certainly make himself heard: ‘if it doesn’t sound, it will collide’.
  • Charlotte
    te, 27 years old – Middelkerke (BE) ‘I will always fight for what I want. If I want something, I will go for it 200%.’ Charlotte has a nice energy around her. She likes a party or festival every now and then, but keeps her life in balance by doing yoga at least three times a week. Charlotte is not made for a standard life and quickly finds everything a bit boring. She always had a certain love for America and therefore went to work as a nanny for various Hollywood stars for five years. She currently works as a private teacher with high profile families. Charlotte is someone who first has to observe a situation in order to determine her tactics.
  • Michelangelo, 21 years old – Genk (BE) ‘I always try to see the good in a person’
    Michelangelo, a sympathetic Genk resident with Sicilian roots, works in his father’s tire centre. In addition, he is also active in motorsport, where he has already had the opportunity to experience life as a Formula 3 driver. The social Limburger is a real leader by nature, although he comes across as quite shy at first. Once he feels at home in the house, he will take the lead in various challenges and his fellow residents will have to resist his puppy eyes.
  • Judy, 34 years old, Burcht (BE) ‘I don’t think anyone has ever been in the ‘Big Brother’ house who looks as full of character as I do.’
    Judy was born in Antwerp and grew up in the picturesque village of Burcht. She still lives there with her boyfriend and their son. She worked as a hairdresser for a while, after which she started working in various clothing stores. She is currently a beautician and specializes mainly in eyebrows. The 34-year-old from Antwerp comes across as a calculating and calm woman, but is above all very competitive. So Judy will certainly not hold back from taking risks and winding her fellow residents completely around her finger and then sending them home one by one.
  • Ali, 35 years old, Lommel (BE) ‘I want to go to the finish line. It’s all or nothing!’
    Ali is a teacher of Dutch for people with a language deficiency. With his job, he mainly wants to help people who feel excluded in society because they do not speak the language. Ali is a true optimist who is always looking for the positive in life. The Limburger is a real mood maker and will therefore ensure that his time in the Big Brother house becomes a real party. Ali is certainly not afraid to play tactically and to fool the other candidates. He wants to reach the finish line at all costs and win the victory.
  • Chayron, 33 years old – Waddinxveen (NL) ‘I am a pleasant presence, you could see me as a mood maker.’
    Chayron is an interesting man in several areas: he is an outspoken, social man who has not fallen on his Rotterdam mouth. He is proud of his family of three children. They have not always had it easy, because they are victims of the benefits affair. He has seen the past few seasons and learned a lot from this for his own participation. His tactics? First watch the cat out of the tree, make lots of friends and ensure a good atmosphere.
  • Rob, 66 years old – Leiderdorp (NL) ‘I am someone who always picks a positive situation out of a negative situation.’
    Rob is at a crossroads in his life. He has recently retired and has the desire and time to do something adventurous with his life. He used to watch ‘Big Brother’ and has watched every season. Now that Rob himself has time and peace in his life, he would love it if a 60+ person made it to the Big Brother final and sees himself standing there already. Despite his age, he is still very fit and thinks he can handle the adventure both physically and mentally.
  • Chelsea, 22 years old – Dronten (NL) ‘Sometimes something pops out that I shouldn’t necessarily have said out loud.’
    Chelsea’s prophetic dreams finally come true: she has already seen herself walking around the house and now it becomes reality. Inside the house, Chelsea is eager to learn how to relinquish control and explore the unknown. She has recently completely changed her lifestyle and so the experiment comes at the right time. Chelsea will not shy away from the necessary associations and will do everything to win. She will be missed at home, because she always knows how to provide everyone with good advice and sometimes feels a bit like the mother of her group of friends.
  • Danny, 28 years old – Vinkeveen (NL) ‘I’m going to make myself indispensable to the group.’
    Muscle bundle Danny is sporty, competitive and loves the game element of ‘Big Brother’. He has been a fanatical sportsman all his life, with highlights including a rugby time in Australia and with the Dutch under-18 team. He is now active as a crossfit specialist and personal trainer. He hopes to be able to motivate his fellow residents to keep moving and thinks he can become indispensable to the group.
  • Jason, 20 years old – Beverwijk (NL) ‘I don’t intend to keep my mouth shut.’
    Jason may be the Benjamin of the group, but that doesn’t mean he lets himself be fooled. He comes for one purpose: to win! The element of play is more important to him than cosiness in the house. He actually hopes that there are fellow residents with whom he clicks less, so that interesting situations and conversations can arise. Jason isn’t about to play the sweet boy and is certainly willing to play tricks here and there and make alliances.
  • Lindsey, 32 years old – Sittard (NL) ‘I make sure that the good vibes will always return to the room.’
    For Lindsey, the best tactic is to be yourself, that’s how you achieve the most. She has a real winner’s mentality, can’t stand losing so there is no other option for her than to win. She is full of positive energy, has an infectious laugh and knows how to blow people away with her sparkling presence. Lindsey has a passion for music and might be able to bring some musical note to the ‘Big Brother’ house.

Numerous new game elements will be added this season and the viewer can decide about the course of the game, making Big Brother more exciting and challenging than ever this year.

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Source: Press release GoPlay / Twitter / Nieuwsblad

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