A TV conversation about controversial influencer Andrew Tate: a talk show editor who hasn’t done her homework

You have to feel your forehead when you pluck a 21-year-old TikTok fan to talk about his idol who is incarcerated on suspicion of human trafficking and rape. Something isn’t quite right then. The talk show On 1 TikTokker invited Mees Wijnants on Thursday evening for a conversation about the controversial misogynist influencer Andrew Tate (36). The item was a painful demonstration of poor editorial work.

Made a day before the broadcast VICE World News known to have obtained WhatsApp messages and voice memos sent by Andrew Tate to a woman who accused him of a 2013 rape. She is the third woman to report to VICE World News that she has reported sexual or physical abuse by Tate. The suspected American-British influencer and former professional kickboxer was arrested in Romania last month as part of a separate rape and human trafficking investigation.

Presenter Sven Kockelmann apparently had not yet listened to Tate’s voice message. Tate fanboy Mees Wijnants brought him the news: the message had been released. In what appears to be a minor editorial oversight, presenters Sven Kockelmann and Fidan Ekiz, and thus viewers, were left in the dark about Tate’s chilling statements from the audio document. Words containing descriptions of sexual misconduct and violence.

“Am I a bad person? Because the more you didn’t like it, the more I enjoyed it. I loved how much you hated it. It turned me on. Why am I like this? Why? I am one of the most dangerous men on this planet. Sometimes you forget just how lucky you were to get fucked by me. Would you rather I pin you down and make you do things you don’t like, or would you rather fuck [naam weggehaald]? You didn’t like that I thought I can do whatever I want with you. That’s what it was. I’m the smartest person on this goddamn planet. Are you really so offended that I strangled you a little? You didn’t fucking faint.”

I wonder if Ekiz and Kockelmann would have let a TikTokker openly spout untruths if they had done their research properly and had known these texts. Wijnants was able to defend the suspect Tate to the hilt with hardly any objection. He questioned the allegations: “So I think it’s actually not true.”

It is a journalistic sin not to respond adequately to untruths. A sin for what Unheard of Netherlands sanctions were imposed when Filip Dewinter gave an inaugural lecture about the false racist theory of population.

The Op1 presenters showed no knowledge of what kind of characters Andrew Tate and his fan are. The moment Wijnants gets started, he starts spreading the misogynistic online incel ideology: beautiful women would ‘get attention anyway’, but men would ‘start at zero’. They must become successful like Tate and have cars. But what the presenter doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt the presenter.

The Matrix

But hold on. It gets crazier. After Tate’s arrest, guest Wijnants announced on TikTok that he believes that the puppets of ‘The Matrix’ are behind the arrest of his hero Tate. In a TikTok video, he talks about the Matrix conspiracy theory: “This is proof that ‘The Matrix’ exists. The people who run this world, it really is Matrix. If you don’t already see it. Everything is fake. Pensions are fake. Tax is fake. News is fake. Media is fake. Everything.”

What is ‘The Matrix?’ According to Tate, “the systems created by society that are deliberately designed to enslave.” Just think of the media and politicians. Tate has a captive online audience of impressionable boys and young men. He promises to help them “escape the Matrix” if they pay a monthly fee of $50 to join his Hustler’s University online academy. There his followers learn about crypto investment and resale.

The Matrix excuse is used by chronically online men who leave a trail of controversy on the internet. Do you no longer want to face the consequences of your own actions? Then blame ‘The Matrix’ à la Tate.

Perhaps it was also ‘The Matrix’ that was behind Op1’s bad journalism on Thursday evening.

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