Bredase named after Lisa Marie Presley: ‘My first word was Elvis’

Her phone was immediately red hot yesterday, when it was announced that Elvis’ daughter was taken to the hospital. “I went to bed knowing she was being kept in a coma. I still had hope that she would make it.”

‘Uncountable number of apps’

That turned out to be a vain hope: “When I woke up this morning I had countless messages that she had died. Also with strength in it. But the prayers and condolences must of course go to the family.”

Lisa-Marie, from Breda, grew up with Elvis. Her father Cor – who passed away in 2021 – was ‘perhaps the greatest Elvis fan ever’. “I have seen and heard nothing but Elvis in my life.”

Why was he so idolized by the crested artist? “My father was extravagant. He was artistic, different from others. I think he recognized that in Elvis, who was also extravagant, outspoken and himself.”

Scarf from Elvis

And so there were countless stories, anecdotes. About Elvis’ very last concert ever, for example. Lisa-Marie’s father was there and managed to get to the stage through the crowd. “He grabbed Elvis by his pants and looked straight at him. Then Elvis gave him his scarf. He pretty much had to fight for his life to be able to take that scarf with him. He has bruises.”

On the bus back home, her father’s friends suggested she cut the scarf into pieces so that everyone had a piece. “I don’t think so,” was his reply.

The story goes that Cor Vermeulen from Breda befriended Harold Lloyd, a cousin of Elvis. “My father always went on holiday to Memphis and asked everyone in the Graceland area. Curious Cornelis she called him. That’s how he got in touch with the family.”

He was even allowed to go to Graceland, Cor told his daughter. “He even wore Elvis’ clothes and rings there.”

Baby Elvis

And so he named his daughter – just like Elvis did before – Lisa-Marie. “About ten years ago, my father played an April Fool’s joke on me. He put a birth ad in the paper that I had given birth to a daughter named Elvis.”

The whole house was filled with pink balloons and texts from acquaintances who fell for them poured in: “Congratulations to Elvis!” For the sake of completeness: there was no real baby Elvis.

Lisa Marie Presley followed in her father’s footsteps and released three albums as a singer. Her namesake from Breda: “The first of these was To Whom It May Concern, in 2003. Of course I went to listen to that.”

The Bredase continues: “Musicality was in her genes. She had to make music, I just had to get that out. She never got the appreciation she deserved, because everyone mirrored her on her father. But you can’t mirror anyone on the greatest artist in the world.”

Lisa Marie Presley didn’t have an easy life. “Losing your father so young, living your entire life in his legacy, losing a child… she must have been a very strong woman to bear all of that.”

‘Don’t judge anyone’

Elvis’ daughter herself spoke openly about her addiction susceptibility in the past. And later also about the grief for her son who took his own life in 2020. He was only 27 years old.

Lisa-Marie from Breda about this: “People then think, she is beautiful, rich. But that does not make life easy. Pointing is quick, mistakes are easily emphasized. But I would like to say: do not judge anyone, you do not have been in the same shoes.”

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