From dub to dubstep: the best parties of spring

Which series, films and exhibitions should you not miss this spring? What are the concerts, books and plays that our editors are looking forward to? And where do you find the best parties? Discover our culture tips for spring here.

1. Italove

What? Disco in 2023

Definitely go because Italo disco pulls you out of your winter depression. This electronic style of music became popular in Italy in the 1970s and has gained considerable acclaim here over the last decade. Don’t expect Saturday Night Fever, but DJ sets that are close to house, although propelled by cheerful disco synths. Loud-E and Geheimijnse Soundsystem, among others, show the best from their retro record collection in De Studio.

Saturday 14 January,, Antwerp

Photo: Thibaud Punie

2. DMX crew in C12

What? Raven in a safe(r) space

Definitely go because partying under the central station in Brussels is an experience in itself. Plus, the January 20th lineup is so loud that you’ll probably miss the fullexperience you get, namely: going wild on Gabber Eleganza while you can get an orange at the helpdesk, and then completely collapse in the large seats in the chill zone.

Taahliah is also on the same line-up. The Glasgow DJ and producer is best known in the underground queer scene. Her music has been described as “genreless” and Taahliah herself as an “unstoppable force.”

Saturday 21 January,, Brussels

From dub to dubstep: the best parties of spring

Photo: C12

3. Yalla x China Street

What? Party for someone else

Definitely go because Yalla Soundsystem brings deep grooves, Azur et Asmar the better electro, grime and Muskila the Kurdish culture. These are three of the names that want to cause worldly shocks at this benefit party. The party is organized to benefit Space, a volunteer-based NGO that supports the work that comes from collaboration between Syrians, Palestinians and Lebanese youth in Lebanon’s current socio-economic turmoil.

Saturday 21 January,, Ghent

From dub to dubstep: the best parties of spring

Photo: David Van Hecke

4. Assembly

What? Dancing on the most beautiful rooftop in Brussels

Definitely go because the lineup offers something for everyone. Artists from Germany, Turkey, Spain and Belgium will perform live sets. The genres vary: from deconstructed melodies to experimental club music, techno and drum and bass. The event guarantees that the evening will end with ‘an honest DJ set of fast dance music.’

Friday 27 January, Beursschouwburg, Brussels

From dub to dubstep: the best parties of spring

Photo: Beursschouwburg

5. Lefto presents: Joy Orbison at Compass

What? Best of the British

Definitely go, because where egos are left in the cloakrooms and music brings people together – that’s how the Kompassclub likes to describe itself – local legend Lefto Early Bird – his full DJ name – brings Joy Orbison closer to the people of Ghent. Meet a diabolical bass line, soaring chords, twinkling synths and a British dance producer who glides through several British dance styles of the past decades: from dubstep to grime, drum and bass and UK garage.

Saturday 4 February,, Ghent

From dub to dubstep: the best parties of spring

Joy Orbison.

6. Zillion: Projexxx

What? Zillion nostalgia

Definitely go because this may be the best ‘wrong’ party of the year. You can now also experience the renewed attention for the past glory of the Antwerp club in real life. Go especially to witness the spectacle that Frank Verstraete will unleash on the Sportpaleis. The question is whether the notorious and megalomaniac organizer will also get behind the table as DJ Fou.

Friday 10 February,, Antwerp

From dub to dubstep: the best parties of spring

Photo: Carlo Coppejans

7. Mr Scruff + Liquid Brother in VierNulVier

What? Long eclectic ride

Definitely go because after four years he is back. mr. Scruff, one of the world’s best DJs, comes to Ghent for a all nighter. And the eclectic Brit leaves nothing behind in his nightly journey. Expect six hours filled with latin, afro and jazz. But also reggae, hip-hop and house. And for those who also want broken beats, dubstep and UK Bass. You better keep moving forward, or you’ll be left behind.

Friday 24 February,, Ghent

From dub to dubstep: the best parties of spring

Photo: Nina Raasch

From dub to dubstep: the best parties of spring

Black Mamba.

Photo: Kristof Vadino

8. Listen festival

What? Lots of Belgian (emerging) talent

Definitely go because enough choice. The capital will be completely taken over by Listen Festival from March 29 to April 2. A selection of, among others, the best Belgian artists for (electronic) dance music will be performed at various locations in Brussels. Lefto, Black Mamba, and Alia may sound familiar to you, but if you’re in the mood to discover some lesser-known, but rock-solid, talent, check out Cheb Rubber, the DJs of He4rtbroken and Sara Dziri.

To make it easier for festival goers to travel to Buda Bxl, one of the party locations, there will be shuttle buses for those who have a festival ticket.

March 29 to April 2,, Brussels

9. Dub revolution with King Shiloh sound system

What? Reggae in the mix

Definitely go because Dub Revolution is a theme night in the Bruges Cactus Club. It takes a look at the dub tradition from the 60s and 70s, when a remix of every reggae record was immediately released, often without vocal lines but with some more sound effects. Reggae may be a bit slower, but the genre is not standing still. You can discover in April what is still moving and developing in the somewhat underexposed dub scene.

Saturday 1 April,, Bruges

From dub to dubstep: the best parties of spring

Photo: Koen Bauters

10. Club Dramatic Festival

What? Two days in the wild

Definitely go because this open-air party will probably be the first sultry night of 2023. Neon lights in the bushes and Belgian beats, spread over three stages, you will come to Antwerp for that. The line-up of Klub Dramatik will appear in the course of January, but judging by previous editions, the offer will again be very diverse. Not to be missed: Hot Flash Club, the zone at the festival where African and Balearic rhythms predominate.

May 27-28,, Antwerp


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