Monica Geuze talks about the end of her vlogging career in Jinek

The news that Monica Geuze is hanging up her vlogging camera dominated all headlines last week. In Jinek the influencer opened up about her decision last night and the media attention for it. She was also moved to tears by kind words from a fan.

The 27-year-old Geuze announced the news in a YouTube video. According to her, it is no longer possible to “keep all the balls in the air” and finds it difficult to keep sharing everything. She shared joys and sorrows with her followers for more than eight years.

Monica Geuze: ‘I feel liberated’

The cake was finished, she says at the table with Eva Jinek. “I once started vlogging and that has actually brought me everything I have and can do today. At some point it’s done. And now I really like to focus on other things.”

It turns out to have been the right decision. “Only now do I notice that I actually feel quite liberated. For more than eight years I have been constantly accounting for what I was doing to the people watching. In recent years I often noticed that I left the camera at home because I really wanted to live in the moment. Then I also often felt kind of guilty, because I wasn’t sharing it. I think I’m only now realizing how good it is without it.”

News reached Achuurjournaal: ‘Very cool’

The news that she stops vlogging even made it to the Achuurjournaal. Surprisingly enough, Geuze didn’t think that was all that special at first. “When I threw out the vlog that I was going to stop, I was knocked out by the flu. I put my phone away and I really didn’t care.” Her manager sent her a message that day that she could be seen in the Achuurjournaal. “I thought: nice, I really don’t care. I am very sick.”

Now she thinks differently. “I am only now beginning to realize that it is actually really crazy. I filmed my life. That always felt very natural to me and not anymore. Is that Eight Hour News worthy news? I don’t think so. Then you get all those reactions like: ‘Who is this trien?’ “Why is she on the Eight Hour News?” I don’t ask for that either, but I also think it’s very cool.”

Fan moves Geuze to tears

A number of loyal fans of Geuze are also guests Jinek. They explain what Geuze means to them. For example, one fan says: “I want to tell you that I find you incredibly inspiring. How to keep all the balls in the air, both with your company Sophia Mae and you personal fire. In addition, you are incredibly sweet to Zara-Lizzy, but also to people you don’t know. People who work in a hotel or restaurant. You were always super friendly. That really made you a power woman for me.”

“How sweet,” responds Geuze. “I don’t know how to react at all, really super sweet.” The influencer even has to shed a tear.

‘Birth of daughter highlight’

Geuze was known for sharing almost everything, including images of her daughter’s birth. She calls this the highlight of her vlogging career. “Although I no longer find it a fresh image to see. I’m glad I still have those moments. Normally you tell about your birth and every time you tell it it becomes a different version. You had more pain and it took longer. When I look back I think: it was not too bad.”

Jinek is curious what Geuze’s next big dream is. “Always keep doing what makes me very happy at that moment. Stopping vlogging is part of that. Just always do what feels right for me at the time. If you can do that, I think you’ll be very lucky.”

You can watch Jinek back via RTL XL.

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