Those oh so ordinary Suzan & Freek are not so ordinary of course

‘Oh, they are so wonderfully ordinary, that’s how it can be’. You soon hear it – and for a long time – about the most popular pop duo in the Netherlands, Suzan & Freek. But is that the case, if you have your own documentary on Netflix from today? Subway sat down for a while.

Between you and me, that Netflix documentary is called. A typical Suzan & Freek title, just like song names such as Dreaming in Color, Away From You and Blue Day. To be fair, this reporter took some getting used to the idea that, while popular, this couple “got” an hour and a half documentary since high school. Still on Netflix.

Suzan & Freek in Can on the Tube

That’s why we take Between you and me on in Look at the Tube, the section in which Erik Jonk discusses new or striking programs from regular broadcasters and streaming services. Not that I don’t know them. I talked to them three times from memory, the last conversation being Friday last week (about this documentary, of course). Nice people, these Achterhoekers of 30 (Suzan) and 29 (Freek). But an hour and a half?

Freek said something interesting in the conversation: “The speed of our career is sometimes mentally impossible to keep up with.” Which makes Suzan & Freek completely unusual, of course. And take a look at the photo above this piece. Heart of summer, main stage Zwarte Cross 2022, their own backyard. The two form an act that regular Zwarte Cross festival-goers would not immediately expect, but according to the organization it was never busier for the main stage with a ‘man’ or 50,000 than then.

Suzan & Freek just?

Suzan & Freek are anything but ordinary. Netflix has seen that right. Already during the period that the two posted covers on YouTube in a Suzan & Freek jacket of exactly 1 minute, they attracted attention. But after debut single When It Is Eveningimmediately at number 1 at the end of 2018, the fence of the Achterhoek dam and the whole of the Netherlands was ready for these then new faces.

Two rotten corona years followed, but people discovered Suzan & Freek in lockdown periods at home. This resulted in an unprecedented spring 2022, the common thread of Between you and me. Suzan & Freek played nineteen times in thirty days in front of more than 15,000 spectators. Below: two Ziggo Dome, Friends of Amstel Live, King’s Day and – as Ambassadors of Freedom – various Liberation Festivals that were visited by helicopter. 2022 was good for a total of 110 concerts by Suzan & Freek. Just call that simple.

Suzan Freek Insomnia Netflix

Reminisce at the kitchen table

What makes Suzan & Freek ordinary is evident from the photo above. Nice couple, in love for fifteen years. Private matters are rarely shared and they feel happy on their way home by car. Enjoy the afterglow in the garden or at the kitchen table.

That ‘ordinary’ is well reflected in the Netflix documentary and that is nice to see. Although you and I will be eating a cheese sandwich at that kitchen table, Suzan & Freek will watch videos that people have shared from their Ziggo Dome concert (“well, that outfit looks so good on me”). I don’t know how often you watch movies of yourself in the Ziggo Dome at home? Yeah, maybe one where you sing along with a glass of beer in your hand.

From zero to a hundred

Netflix late with Between you and me see a span of two years, in which Suzan & Freek flashed from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour with one step on the musical accelerator. Freek: “I think everything you can experience as an artist was planned in one month with us.” Suzan says about that, again nice and ordinary: “We did that nicely together.”

It is nice to hear parents, Freek’s brother, Suzan’s sister, manager, producer and artists such as Snelle and Miss Montreal talk about their ordinary children and colleagues. Especially when it comes to Suzan’s bone-dry father about that time when he and his wife discovered that Freek had slept over for the first time (red ears, people!). But without madness, Between you and me and gives a wonderful insight into the special life of the oh so ordinary couple Suzan & Freek. Half of the Netherlands finds little or nothing to them and that’s fine, they also think. The other half has embraced the two. And will be going out en masse again next fall when the two will play three times in a full Ziggo Dome. Hats off to so much unusual when you are seen as so ordinary.

Between You and Me by Suzan & Freek can now be seen on Netflix.

Number of cans from 5: 3.5

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Suzan & Freek have their own Netflix documentary: ‘Career speed is sometimes hard to keep up mentally’

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