Viewers and Eva Jinek moved by Mischa Blok’s adoption story

Radio 1 presenter Mischa Blok joined last night Jinek to talk about her “incredible” adoption story and reunion with her South Korean mother. The story almost looks like a screenplay from a drama film. Viewers, Eva Jinek and table guests hear Blok and barely keep it dry.

Mischa Blok was abandoned as a 2-year-old girl on a square in South Korea. She was adopted by a Dutch couple. But after 35 years, Blok began to doubt her adoption story. Raising a 2-year-old? That was impossible, she said. “Because he’s coming after you.”

Viewers and Eva Jinek moved by Mischa Blok’s story

Blok finds her biological father and he eventually confirms that the story is false. But he does not want to help her further in her search. Blok goes to South Korea, with the help of the media and a call from football coach Guus Hiddink, to look for her mother. On the last day of her trip she receives a message. Her mother appears to have been found and a reunion follows.

The images of that reunion ensure that Eva Jinek and table guests listen to the story with tears in their eyes. Blok is also moved again and the Jinektable is silent from the story. Viewers say on social media that they are moved by the reunion between Blok and her mother.

Adoption story turned out to be wrong

But what had really happened around that adoption? The story turns out to be different from what Blok thought all along. When she was 8 months old, her father left her mother for another woman. Blok’s biological mother left her daughter with her mother-in-law. “With the message: ‘Watch this child, because I’m going to earn money and I’ll be back’,” said Blok. Grandma puts the responsibility on the father and when he has another child with his new wife, he decides to give up Blok. “My mother came back from a day’s work and she came to pick me up and I wasn’t there.”

Blok’s biological father took her to a children’s home. A criminal act, according to Blok. Her mother turned out to have never wanted the adoption all this time and knew nothing about it. Blok urges adopted children not to rely on their adoption papers. In retrospect, all the information contained therein was incorrect. The radio presenter wrote down her story in the book Mama Leewhich is available in stores starting today.

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Viewers and Eva Jinek moved by Mischa Blok’s adoption story: ‘It’s really beautiful’

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