A dancing hippo, a minotaur and a ‘skiwi’: these are the new figures from ‘The masked singer’

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A party animal, we have no other words for it. The flamboyant Lion shows off a smart outfit, including a cowboy hat. Because appearance is everything. My home is my saloon, where everyone knows me and I can always be who I am. The channel also indicates that Leeuw loves The Village People and Freddie Mercury.

Although he – or she – also has a weak spot, more specifically a fear of contamination. “My swing doors are always open here. But only enter with clean feet, because that’s how we are!” Is that last sentence a reference to the theme song of The Verhulstjes and will we soon see Viktor or Marie crawling out of the suit? Possible, but there is also an actor hiding out Home under the hat. Because “my home is my saloon, where everyone knows me and I can always be who I am”.



Magic is in the air. Wizard enters the studio of The masked singer with a mission. Long ago he – or she – was cursed. “Because of an ancient curse, my own face has been lost for a long time. If you help me, again and again, o-conquer my reflection in the end?”

Aha, we already recognize one of the most famous lyrics by Niels Destadsbader. Although it is not very likely that the former presenter will make an appearance as a candidate. Besides, Wizard likes to cause confusion. “Do you have a minute for me? I live like it’s my last day and live life to the fullest. But not everyone is like me. One in a million, that’s Wizard!” Frans Bauer, André Hazes Jr., Metejoor or the Dutch Babet? So that can go in any direction.



This prima ballerina is getting ready for the biggest performance of her – or his – life. In the box of the opera, Hippo prepares to give the best of himself. “The epitome of elegance and light-footedness”, it sounds. “A rare talent for a hippo, but tutu, then I am a hippo hors category.

The figure seems to have run away fantasy, the classic Disney cartoon. When we think of opera, we spontaneously think of Astrid Stockman, the most famous soprano in the country. Or should we think more broadly? “Ever since I was a little calf, I could let my creativity run wild.” Do we recognize former child and teen star Silvy ‘Melody’ De Bie or Isabelle A there?



Raven seems to have run away from Tomorrowland. Royal and generous, she – or he – likes etiquette and distinguished behavior. “My full title is: Raven, First of His Name, Prince of Birds and Chief of the House of Crows. With a million eyes I keep a close eye on my kingdom. At times I find myself at lonely heights, sometimes I float higher than the sun.”

It is unlikely that someone from the royal family will soon remove that golden headdress. Although, since the participation of Princess Delphine of Saxe-Coburg in Dancing with the stars you never know.



Never thought that the punchline of a joke that was already told in primary school would make its – or her – appearance in a well-watched VTM program. For those who loved Radijsje last year, there is now Skiwi. A ‘party animals‘the one in a’beer tube‘, or beer tent, is alive. She – or he – loves winter coziness and likes to be surrounded by yodelers, dressed in lederhosen.

“Was someone looking for the wrong party? Then you will definitely end up with this fast kiwi.” Is one of the Qmusic DJs, who organize De Foute Party every year, in the brightly colored suit? Or is “Oesjethis is going to be one hell of a party goose horny!nevertheless a reference to the catchphrase by Kamiel Spiessens, one of Chris Van den Durpel’s most famous characters?

Fox Lady


She looks straight out of a James Bond movie, this Foxy Lady. Well, or at least a James Bond film from another universe. “I’m usually well hidden at my hiding place, just for The masked singer I carefully leave my foxhole. You’ll have to be quick if you want to learn more about me. Because before you know it, I’m going up in smoke again.”

But first this ‘mission’, so. “And that will certainly not be déjà vu.” A reference to the fiction series starring actress Natali Broods? “After I finish on this stage, you will see a thousand stars.” Is it a reference to the hit that Regi scored with singer Pauline Slangen?



A mythical creature actually makes his – or her – appearance The masked singer. Minotaur is crazy about history and has an aversion to modern things. “Since ancient Greece I have seen so much happen that I am rarely startled by something myself.” Could this tough creature be hiding Slongs Dievanongs – born as Charissa Parassiadis – the Antwerp rap star with a Greek background?

Although Minotaurus sprinkles with a few more tips. “The ravages of time have not yet caught on, so I don’t need an extreme makeover yet.” The first part is a line from the song Young van Spring – hello, Jelle Cleymans? –, the second a program with James Cooke. Riddles galore.

Colonel Mops


“I can already hear you thinking: Oh, a pug! So cute. Nay, I am a mighty warrior.” So don’t go wrong with Colonel Mops, who is already busy drawing up an attack and defense plan. He – or she – excels at playing stratego, but sometimes misses the ball. That famous leadership can therefore already be undermined.

Conner Rousseau (Vooruit) and Bart Tommelein (Open VLD) have already participated in the past, so a politician does not seem too far-fetched in this case. As has always been the case in previous seasons, the candidate base of The masked singer may expand while the program is running.


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