Martin Rombouts owes Slimste Mens success to ‘Heleen21’

A lot of practice is the key to successful participation The smartest person. Writer, maker and performer Martin Rombouts knows this too. Together with the mysterious ‘Heleen21’ he therefore practiced day and night via the app The Smartest. But who is Heleen, who helped Rombouts so much, really?

In last night’s episode, Rombouts called Heleen with a smile to report.

Rombouts spent hours practicing online with Heleen21

Before Rombouts off the podium The smartest person really entered, he first played the game for many hours via the app. “I have been preparing for it The smartest person played a lot via the app and you can get a random opponent on it,” explains Rombouts. That opponent became Heleen21. It started with one game, but soon the two were playing four games against each other in the middle of the night.

“So he is awake day and night?” notes Smartest Humanpresenter Philip Freriks op. “Yes, apparently. So you also feel a kind of huge bond, while you can’t even communicate well with each other. You only have the answers to the game questions as communication,” says Rombouts. “And does that app also work as a kind of Tinder?” Freriks asks curiously.

“Helen, get in touch”

The question makes Rombouts laugh at his fellow candidates, but Rombouts takes it seriously. “Well Heleen has Brainy Smurf as an avatar and I have a kind of avatar version of my own head as an avatar. So if you are Heleen21, get in touch.” Rombouts is very curious about the person behind the account.

“It would be very nice if she would sit here in the stands, for example,” laughs Frediks. Rombouts agrees. “Yes, that would be very funny.” But unfortunately for Rombouts, Heleen21 is not in the stands this episode. Who she is, therefore, remains a mystery The smartest person-player.

Smartest Mens viewers lend a hand

The viewers at home therefore decide to take matters into their own hands and call on Heleen21 to report via social media.

However, some don’t mind if Heleen21 is never found… “I’m not Helen21, but I’d be happy to report to Martin. What a cutie!” tweet one viewer.

The help of Heleen21 appears to be paying off: Rombouts is doing so well The smartest person, that he – as with every episode he played – is labeled the smartest of the day and can continue to the next episode. Will Heleen21 perhaps reveal herself in that?

De Slimste Mens can be seen every Monday to Thursday at 8.25 pm at KRO-NCRV on NPO 1. You can watch the program again via NPO Start.

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Martin Rombouts owes Slimste Mens success to mysterious opponent: ‘Can Heleen21 report?’

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