Two Dannys home in Looking for…,

In Seeking… AVROTROS is looking for both ‘a new John Travolta and Olivia Newton John’. During the third live show, two Dannys had to leave the field and viewers were annoyed by a ‘gaudy flirting’ judge. “The next step is that she makes a seesaw on stage.”

Singer and actor Jim Bakkum approves the candidates Seeking… together with presenter, actress and musical star Marlijn Weerdenburg and theater maker/musical connoisseur Maurice Wijnen. Frits Sissing talks things together.

Two Dannys lost weight in Looking for…

It is the candidates Victor, Dylan and Davy who have to compete against each other in the sing-off in last night’s episode. They must include the number Blue Moon to sing. Thanks to public votes, Victor is allowed to stay at least one more round and Dylan and Davy have to pack their bags. And not everyone agrees. “So sad that Dylan is out, he was really my favorite,” someone writes. Another viewer was a fan of Davy. Such a shame, my fave Davy out. Seriously unfair.” Other viewers don’t like the general level of this year’s candidates. “I think back fondly Seeking… Evita 2007 and Joseph 2008, the level was high then. Fits with this one Seeking… Danny and Sandy really really against it.”

Viewers about jury member Marlijn Weerdenburg: ‘Inappropriate’

Incidentally, Twitter was not only about the level of the candidates, but also about jury member Weerdenburg. Viewers think she is flirting with the candidates a little too flashy. For example, there are somewhat dirty jokes about the “classic bottom” of candidate Tristan, who met with Go the Distance from the Disney movie Hercules impresses the jury. “You are kind of the ideal son-in-law. Everything is right with you: clever, fantastic singing”, Weerdenburg confides in him. Viewers don’t think it’s quite appropriate. “Can Marlin stop her unnecessary inappropriate comments all the time? It’s not okay if a man does that to a woman, but not the other way around either. Weekly.”

You can look back at Looking for… via NPO Start.

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Two Dannys go home in Looking for…, viewers are annoyed by ‘gaudy flirting’ judge

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