Who gets our 12 points? The ‘Eurosong’ candidates weighed up and weighed

Hunter Falls with ‘Ooh la la’

Why should Flanders vote for you? “I can’t get my own number out of my head. (laughs) I have to dance every time, and I get a very bubbling feeling of happiness in my body. I am very proud of it.”

Who do you see as your biggest competitor? “Out of over 200 entries, only seven have survived. They’ve all been in my head for the past few weeks. So I see everyone as my ‘competitor’.”

Our prediction: 4 points: Ooh lol has a place at the festival with its summery, contagious cheerfulness. But to stand out, there must be movement on stage with a strong act.

Hunter Falls does it with ‘Ooh la la’. © Thomas Geuens

Gustaph with ‘Because of You’

Why should Flanders vote for you? “I have a nice message with a song of self-acceptance, and I can show myself as a queer artist in a positive way. Moreover, I already know the “beast” from the inside (Gustaph worked with Sennek and Geike Arnaert, ed.).”

Who do you see as your biggest competitor? “I think the acts will be decisive, but Ameerah has become a good friend. If she wins, I will be very happy.”

Our prediction: 5 points: Gustaph stands out with his Boy George-esque look. He has the experience and a good, fun song. But there is a chance that it will drown in the Eurovision violence.

Gustaph performs ‘Because of you’. © Thomas Geuens

Chérine with ‘Ca m’ennuie pas’

Why should Flanders vote for you? “I’ve been saying I want to go to the Eurovision Song Contest since I was six. I sing in French, one of our languages. Let’s be a little chauvinistic. It’s also something new, some uptempo French pop.”

Who do you see as your biggest competitor? “We are all worth each other. But lately I’ve been having issues Because of you in my head. I sing it all the time at home. my love says: Say, that’s the competition, isn’t it. But that’s such a good song.”

Our prediction: 10 points: The eighties vibe and the catchy French text by the cheerful Chérine works. This one has a chance of a high ranking, if the belting note there in Liverpool bonk sit up.

Chérine chose ‘Ça m’ennuie pas’. © Thomas Geuens

Ameerah with ‘The carnival’

Why should Flanders vote for you? “I really want to represent Belgium, that is a dream. The blueprint of the act is there, but I have so many more ideas and things I want to do for Liverpool.”

Who do you see as your biggest competitor? “The songs have been stuck in my head for weeks. But I really like Gustaph, we have a good relationship. If he wins, I go along and vice versa. So Gustaph can also win.” (laughs)

Our prediction: 7 points: A strong pop song of international allure that lingers. Ameerah also moves smoothly on stage, depending on a colorful act, this can end up high.

Ameerah brings ‘The carnival’. © Thomas Geuens

Gala Dragot with ‘T’inquiète’

Why should Flanders vote for you? “I tried to bring something new. My message is about being daring as a person. I see a lot of people who are afraid to do their own thing. But dare to take the step.”

Who do you see as your biggest competitor? “This week, Gustaph is in my head in my head. That’s a song you can listen to voguen. It will be difficult to choose anyway.”

Our prediction: 12 points: She is seventeen years old, but she stands rock solid on a stage and exudes authenticity. Her song intrigues, surprises and grips not to let go. Impressive.

Gala Dragot chose ‘T’inquiète’.© Thomas Geuens

The Starlings with ‘Roller Coaster’

Why should Flanders vote for you? roller coaster is our life, our heart. A lot of people will recognize themselves in it, and we can bring love and hope. Everyone has setbacks, so sometimes you don’t see the good things coming. A beautiful message.”

Who do you see as your biggest competitor? “A lot will depend on how it is on Saturday. The acts will make the difference. You can be your favorite in advance, but if you don’t do it right, it won’t work. That makes forecasting difficult.”

Forecast: 8 points: With their rootsy, sometimes folksy sounds, they are reminiscent of Ed Sheeran. But above all they tell a hopeful and strong story. Their harmony is an added strength.

The Starlings bring ‘Rollercoaster’. © Thomas Geuens

Loredana with ‘You lift me up’

Why should Flanders vote for you? “It’s a really cool song, very Belgian. Producers, writers, … And I feel totally ready to join the big Eurovision.”

Who do you see as your biggest competitor? “Everyone, it will depend on the taste of the audience. Everyone has their own genre, stamp. Doing it right yourself will be the most important thing. And make it a nice evening.”

Forecast: 6 points: An up-tempo dance number that can best come into its own with a sophisticated act. Yet it just misses that cheerful wink that, for example She’s after my piano did.

‘Eurosong 2023: the final’, One, Saturday 14 January, 8.20 p.m.

Loredana chose ‘You lift me up’. © Thomas Geuens


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