In the midst of all the fuss, Megan finds comfort with friend Dennis: “We are going to Dubai together” | Tax Fraud Megan

BVThe world of Megan Desaever (22) may be completely turned upside down. A judicial investigation into her alleged tax fraud is currently underway. But in the midst of all that fuss, Megan fortunately still has her support, her partner Dennis Roos. “If everything continues to run smoothly, we will go to Dubai together,” he tells us.

In the infamous interview with ‘Rumag’ – in which Megan spoke out about her taxes – she enthusiastically talked about the solution to all her problems: moving to Dubai. A sweet dream that the reality star has been thinking about for years, because you don’t have to pay taxes. But that dream is soon approaching. Next week Megan will be on a plane to the Middle East with her boyfriend Dennis. “Yes, we are going there together”, a happy Dennis tells us. “We asked if that was possible (given Megan’s current legal situation ed.) And it was no problem.”

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But Dennis is not sure yet whether their early departure will turn into a long-term stay. “For now it is a holiday. But we already have plans for if things continue to go well between us. It all goes very fast and we just spontaneously started to like each other. Since we met, we have even been together every day and now we practically live together.”

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But especially as Dennis is about his relationship, the couple was so insecure about revealing their love story. “We ourselves have not revealed much about the situation between us for various reasons. But from now on we want to do that more. So we’re going to enjoy together in Dubai and then we’ll just share everything publicly,” said the reality star.


Wonderful words and outlook, for a very early relationship. Dennis realizes that himself. Yet he is completely sold, from the first moment he saw Megan. “We ran into each other at a party a year ago. There was already a connection between us then, but we were both in a relationship.” But two months ago, Dennis and Megan bumped into each other again. “We were both involved in a situation with someone else, but there was a constant tension between us. Eventually we got talking and ever since that day we have always been together and we only have eyes for each other.”

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