5 hidden gems on Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+ that you must see (week 52 of 2022)

These days are probably also days when you surf the internet looking forentertainment or you just skim through an episode of a series. And thestreaming services are very good at letting you know what the latest seriesare, but the slightly older series, which are also worthwhile, disappear inthe archive.

And that is of course a shame if you have to start a new series, but you starta new series because you forgot an older series that you still want to watch.In collaboration with Streamwijzer, we list 5 pearls of Netflix, HBO Max andDisney + that you must see every week.

5x Hidden gems: films and series that you should actually see on Netflix,HBO Max and Disney + (week 52 of 2022)

5. Clark (series, 1 season) – Netflix

You can not only know Bill Skarsgård as the brother of The Northman actorAlexander Skarsgård, but also mainly from his role as Pennywise the Clown inthe latest It series. In 2022 he also appeared in horror film Barbarian and inthe Swedish crime series Clark on Netflix. In the latter we follow the life ofbank robber Clark Olofsson. You probably don’t know them, but you’ve probablyheard of the concept of Stockholm syndrome. That is based on a robberycommitted by Clark, one of the many bizarre things that happened in his life.

Watch Clark on Netflix instantly

4. The Gentlemen (movie, 2019) – HBO Max

According to viewers, not Love Actually or Notting Hill is Hugh Grant’s bestfilm, but The Gentlemen. In this 2019 action movie, he stars alongside actorssuch as Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, and Henry Golding. The storyrevolves around an American expatriate who has a successful weed empire inLondon. When he wants to stop, this leads to a plethora of plots and intriguescentered on bribery and blackmail.

Watch The Gentlemen instantly on HBO Max

3. Everything’s Trash (series, season 1) – Disney+

Everything’s Trash revolves around Phoebe, a Brooklyn-based podcast creatorwho has a great (but chaotic) life. This begins to crack when her brotherwants to start a political career and she turns out to have slept with arival. This is how she is forced to grow up.

Instantly watch Everything’s Trash on Disney+

2. Armas de Mujer (series, 1 season) – HBO Max

HBO Max recently launched the Spanish-language series Armas de Mujer, inEnglish ‘Til Jail Do Us Part. The black comedy is well received by viewers andaverages a 7.1 on IMDb. It revolves around four women who are left alone whentheir husbands, all members of the same criminal organization, are arrested.

Watch Armas de Mujer instantly on HBO Max

1. Strange World (movie, 2022) – Disney+

Strange World comes from the makers of Frozen and Encanto and is thereforedefinitely recommended. What is it about? The legendary Clades, a family ofexplorers, are on a perilous journey. Not only the imaginative creatures theyencounter in their search for an unknown land, but especially theirdifferences of opinion cause major problems. The film only appeared intheaters a month ago and has recently been released on Disney +.

Watch Strange World instantly on Disney+

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Xavi: “Es la misma película de siempre, han sido errores nuestros” | Deportes

En el tramo final del partido, Xavi vio la tarjeta amarilla por protestar.Sobre el árbitro, Mateu Lahoz, que sacó 10 amarillas y dos rojas por dobleamonestación, el entrenador azulgrana opinó que el colegiado no habíacontrolado el partido. “Se le ha ido de las manos. Se lo he dicho al final. Harepartido tarjetas sin sentido. Hoy no ha estado tranquilo, se le hadescontrolado”. Y eso que en la previa del encuentro, Xavi había dicho queMateu era uno de los árbitros que más le gustaban.

Foyth gana para el Villarreal un derbi de pifias, goles y alternativas | Deportes

And apenas 40 segundos de juego, el Villarreal pudo ganar millas en elmarcador. Gerard Moreno, que regresaba al once después de la lesión que loalejó de Qatar, mandó fuera en una pifia mayúscula el 1-0 con Mamardashvili enel suelo y la gente poniéndose en pie para aplaudir. El Villarreal no sacórédito de lo que tardó en ajustarse el bloque alto de Gattuso. Mientras Gayàestaba alto y Diakhaby mal basculado, Samu Chukwuece los superó con un pasehacia Álex Baena que marró Gerard. A los siete minutos, el Villarreal que sehabía adueñado del balón, volvió a disfrutar a manos de Capoue de la opción dehacer otro gol que negó Mamardashvili en otra gran parada.

Barbara Walters’ View Panelists, Broadcasters and More Pay Their Respects: ‘The Legend. The Blueprint.’

In the hours after iconic newswoman Barbara Walters died on Friday, tributespoured in from famous friends, colleagues and fans.

Walters’ rep Cindi Berger confirmed the news of Walters’ death at age 93,PEOPLE count: “Barbara Walters passed away peacefully in her home surroundedby loved ones. She lived a big life.”

“She lived her life with no regrets,” Berger’s statement continued. “She was atrailblazer not only for female journalists, but for all women.”

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Fellow TV titan Oprah Winfrey led a long list of notable admirers to pay theirrespects to Walters. The media mogul wrote on Instagram that she was”grateful” Walters had been “such a powerful and gracious role model.”

Former Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger was among the first to reflect onWalters’ “one-of-a-kind” legacy and sent his condolences to Walters’ daughterJacqueline.

“Barbara was a true legend, apioneer not justfor women in journalism but for journalism itself,” Iger said in a statementto PEOPLE and via Twitter. “She was a one-of-a-kind reporter who landed manyof the most important interviews of our time, from heads of state and leadersof regimes to the biggest celebrities and sports icons. I had the pleasure ofcalling Barbara a colleague for more than three decades, but more importantly,I was able to call her a dear friend. She will be missed by all of us at theWalt Disney Company, and we send our deepest condolences to her daughterJacqueline.”

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Several tributes came in from co-hosts of The View , which Walters created1997 and moderated for many years. Rosie O’Donnell simply called her formerboss and colleague a “legend” on Instagram.

Star Jones, one of The View ‘s first-ever co-hosts, tweeted: “I owe BarbaraWalters more than I could ever repay. Rest wellsister…mother…friend…colleague…mentor.

Story continues

Jones’ fellow OG View co-host Debbie Matenopoulos shared on her InstagramStory that she was “so so so sad…. No words right now.”

Star Jones, Meredith Viera, Carol Channing, Debbie Matenopoulos, BarbaraWalters appearing on the 'The View' in1998.

Star Jones, Meredith Viera, Carol Channing, Debbie Matenopoulos, BarbaraWalters appearing on the ‘The View’ in 1998.

Donna Svennevik/Walt Disney Television via Getty

“Thank you for everything. You single handedly changed my life and the life ofevery other female journalist by leading the way for us all,” Matenopouloscontinued. “May you rest in peace and in power and beauty you amazing woman!!I owe you everything as do so many others. You will always be my hero.”

The Story included a picture of Walters and Matenopouloson set in 1997. “Myfirst month on @theviewabc my best friend took this picture from the audienceand literally just showed it to me about 4 hours ago!!!” she remembered. “Wewere laughing so hard about how young and silly I was and then about an hourlater I got the news. I am in shock. I love you Barbara always and forever.You taught me everything !!!”

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Former panelist Meghan McCain wrote, in part, that Walters’ “hard hittingquestions and welcoming demeanor made her a household name and leader inAmerican journalism.”

McCain’s conservative predecessor Elisabeth Hasselbeck shared an InstagramReel with a caption that read, in part, “I love ❤️ you Barbara. GOD is in thisstory. I have few words tonight.” Plugging her next Fox News appearance, sheadded, “It will be an honor to be broadcasting about your love and legacy. 🙏#thebeststoriesareinheaven”

Michelle Collins shared a special View tradition: “One of the first rites ofpassage of becoming a host on @TheView was tohave lunch with Barbara Walters. Few times in my life have I been thatnervous. She was anabsolute trailblazer, class, elegance, smarts that are increasingly hard tocome by. I’ll always be grateful. RIP”

Sunny Hostin, meanwhile, posted a tribute from Ghana, Africa that “The worldhas lost a remarkable woman today. I am heartbroken to hear of Barbara’spassing. She was an extraordinary, meticulous and no-nonsense journalist witha wicked sense of humor. She shattered countless glass ceilings and did itwith grace and humility.While I’m deeply saddened by this loss and will missher terribly,I’m forever grateful for the trails she blazed for me and so manyothers.I’m humbled and honored to carry on her legacy. Rest in Power.”

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Members of the broadcast journalism community also offered condolences, praiseand memories, with Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts noting she’d be”forevergrateful for[Barbara’s] stellar example and for her friendship.”

Former long time CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather tweeted, “The world ofjournalism has lost a pillar of professionalism, courage, andintegrity. BarbaraWalters was a trailblazer and a true pro. She outworked, out-thought, and out-hustled her competitors. She left the world the better for it. She will bedeeply missed. RIP”

ABC News and 20/20 correspondent Deborah Roberts reflected on how she’d”never forget the phone call when she askedme to join thegroundbreaking program.”

former GMA host Joan Lunden wrote, “We have lost a true legend with thepassing of Barbara Walters. Such a trail blazer. Such a generous woman – Ilearned so much from working withher.”

Tamron Hall calls her fellow former Today showanchor “The Legend. TheBlueprint. TheGreatest.”

Maria Shriver got personal: “[Barbara] used to be a mentor to me as well as afriend. So manywomen broke into the news business because she did her job well.”

World News Tonight anchor David Muir wrote, “So often we toss around thewords icon, legend, trailblazer – but Barbara Walters was all of these. Andperhaps, above all else, Barbara Walters wasbrave. She pavedthe way for so many – we learned from her – and remain in awe of her to thisday. RIP Barbara.”

former Today show host Katie Couric added that Walters “was the OG of femalebroadcasters. She was just as comfortable interviewing world leaders as shewas Oscar winners and her body of work is unparalleled.”

“She liked to say we were similar — that neither of us was particularlyglamorous,” added Couric. “I never quite knew how to take that! But the factthat Barbara saw some of her on me was nothing but a compliment. Thank you foreverything, Barbara. ❤️ #RIP”

FROM THE PEOPLE ARCHIVES: Fans, Fun and Oprah: Barbara WaltersCelebrates Her Final Day on The View in 2014

Among the fans and former hot seat occupants who chimed in, Monica Lewinsky —who sat down with Walters for a powerful interview during the media storm thatsurrounded her White House affair with then-President Bill Clinton — shared aTwitterthreadabout her 25-year connection to Waltrs.

“i knew barbara for over half of my life,” she began. “we stayed in touch overthe past 25 years. the last time we saw each other was for lunch a few yearsago. of course, she was charming, witty and some of her questions were stillher signature interview style.”

Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar praised the fact Walters “never flinchedwhen questioning the world’s most powerful people. She held themaccountable. She caredabout the truth and she made us care too.”

Abbott Elementary star Sheryl Lee Ralph tweeted: “Rest in Peace preciousPeace BarbaraWalters!!”

Who ‘s the Boss? star Alyssa Milano credited Walters for “for helping mefind my voice.”

Wonder Woman herself Lynda Carter shared a vintage video clip of herself beinginterviewed by Walters and the women of The View with the caption: “BarbaraWalters was an American institution. As the first female national news anchor,she opened the door to endless possibilities for so many girls who wanted towork in TV, myself included. Her impact cannot beoverstated.I’ll miss you, Barbara. Thank you for everything.”

Talk show host Drew Barrymore, who has followed in Walters’ footsteps with_The Drew Barrymore Show_ called her “A true pioneer who was never one to shyaway from questions and go after the truth she was seeking. I respected herbecause she did it all, and spoke to everyone and broke barriers. What anamazing life she lived.”

In a statement shared through ABC News’ Twitter account, Diane Sawyerdescribed Walters as “a trailblazer, a singular force who opened the door forevery woman in television news.”

“She was also the history maker right down the hall – my friend and roadbuddy, eager to talk about the news world, the decade of passion work – thecuriosity and laughter that gets us all through,” she added. “Sadness.Gratitude. And a salute from all of us who knew what we owe her.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi also paid tribute with a statement onTwitter as well. “Barbara Walters was a trailblazer and an icon: transformingtelevision journalism with her intellect and integrity, courage and poise,”she wrote. “For decades, she never shied away from asking the tough questionsto people in power, and she never tired in her relentless pursuit of truth.”

Added Pelosi: “Personally, it was my privilege to sit down with Barbaraseveral times — from news programming to The View — and see her masterful workfirsthand. Her passing is a great loss — but her legendary legacy will inspiregenerations of newswomen. May she rest in peace.”

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This past September, Meredith Vieira opened up to PEOPLE about the”tremendous” privilege of being chosen by Walters to moderate The View inits early days.

“To have the opportunity to work with her was somewhat of a dream come true. Ithink that she hesitated with me in terms of hiring me because she didn’t knowI was funny. But Barbara took a chance on me. It wasn’ t a job that I waslooking for and particularly interested in until I auditioned,” she said. “Andthen I realized, ‘I don’t know why I’d really enjoy this, but I do.'”

“Once you work with Barbara, she’s a very complicated person,” Vieira added ofher former boss. “On one hand, she’s very kind and generous, and on the other,a real taskmaster and tough as nails, which is why she succeeded in thisbusiness at a time when there were so few women. She had not only brains, butreal tenacity.”

Liga Santander: El Barça se duerme ante el Espanyol | Deportes

Mateu Lahoz pareció un pistolero muy a gusto en el salón del Camp Nou con sus16 tarjetas y su porte justiciero, incapaz de entender y acompañar el juego,protagonista de un derbi sin protagonistas por el desinterés del Barça y elpesar del Espanyol. Acaso sobresalió Marcos Alonso, autor del gol azulgrana ydel penalti a favor de los blanquiazules, y el portero Álvaro Fernández. Nocompareció el Espanyol en el palco -no había directivos- ni en la grada -no sevieron bufandas ni camisetas por prohibición del Barçani en la cancha hasta el1-1 y la aparición de Álvaro.

No es un resultado cualquiera si se tiene en cuenta que el Espanyol habíaperdido los últimos 14 partidos disputados en el Camp Nou y marcado solo tresgoles, incapaz de ganar desde 2009 cuando Lo Pelat cabeceaba como blanquiazuldespués de ser aclamado por sus pies en el Barcelona. Ocurre que los derbislos carga el diablo y 25 puntos de diferencia no son nada de la misma maneraque tampoco cuenta tener al Zamora y el Pichichi de la Liga. Apenas hubonoticias de Ter Stegen y del indultado Lewandowski.

El sufrimiento del Espanyol se impuso a fin de cuentas al gozo del Barçadespués que el contencioso empezara con 1-0. A Diego Martínez de poco lesirvió disponer de muchos días para preparar el partido, después de que soloel danés Braithwaite acudiera al Mundial, porque su defensa se venció nada másempezar en un córner remachado por Marcos Alonso. El balón fue de la cabeza deLewandowski a la de Christensen para acabar en la de Marcos ante el pasmoblanquiazul y la sorpresa de Álvaro, que recuperó la titularidad perdida porsu pifia contra el Valencia.

No defendía ni atacaba el Espanyol, dispuesto en un permeable 4-2-3-1, y elBarça tocaba y combinaba, tan suelto y alegre que Marcos Alonso remataba másque Lewandowski. A falta de jugadores desequilibrantes, y también importantes,marcado por las concesiones individuales, el Espanyol tampoco tenía sentido deequipo, aliviado por la comodidad del Barça. Los azulgrana advirtieron unpartido tan sencillo que se olvidaron de cerrar el marcador, poco afinados enel remate, y se recrearon hasta abandonarse ante el disgusto del Camp Nou.

Encuentro cuerpo a cuerpo

El Espanyol llevó el encuentro al cuerpo a cuerpo y al Barça se le escurrió elhilo del juego, bajó el ritmo y se enredó de mala manera, dispuesto a competirtambién en faltas y tarjetas, a discutir también con el árbitro ya trampear underbi que decayó tanto que Mateo Lahoz pitó el final de la primera partecuando en muchos relojes todavía no había caído el minuto 45. No había habidocontinuidad en el fútbol barcelonista, los futbolistas más fiables empezaron aperder la pelota y la hinchada se asustó por la superioridad the Oscar Gil andla marca de Ansu Fati.

El marcador era la mejor noticia para el Espanyol en el descanso después deque solo hubiera chutado a portería en una llegada de Nico Melamed. Laralentización continuó al inicio de la segunda parte hasta que el Espanyolempezó a presionar más y Xavi mandó a calentar a Busquets para sustituir aldolorido Gavi. Había que cambiar el paso del encuentro, dar más velocidad a lapelota, estar más fino en el pase y aguardar a que acertara Lewandowski. Nohabía manera de que el delantero centro polaco encontraba la portería deÁlvaro.

El Barcelona jugaba sin delanteros y el Espanyol no necesitaba defensas en unpartido muy apagado en el soleado y repleto Camp Nou. La afición no faltó nien el último partido del año, consciente de que el equipo sostiene al clubdespués de que ya no quedan palancas por activar en el despacho de Laporta.Los espectadores agradecieron que Xavi sustituyera a los extremos, a Ansu yRaphinha por Ferran y Dembélé, mientras se animaban los muchachos de DiegoMartínez. El tecnico había conseguido reconducir el derbi después del 1-0.

Claudia, Dolf or Guido? This is what critics of the New Year’s Eve conferences think | Book & Culture

From the war in Ukraine to the World Cup and the nitrogen crisis: 2022 againoffered plenty of inspiration for comedians. Claudia de Breij, Guido Weijersand Dolf Jansen are on stage with their New Year’s Eve conference. What docritics think of their performances? NU.nl lists the most important reviews.

Claudia de Breij – on NPO1 at 22.20

The Volkskrant is wildly enthusiastic about De Breij’s third New Year’s Eveconference. “From the opening, in which she grabs the political year firmlyand with many jokes, the 2022 edition is compelling and perfectly balanced,with seriousness, empathy, emotion, perspective and many air-creatingcomparisons.”

Fidelity describes De Breij’s performance as “connecting, sharp andcynical”. “The role of a connecting minister, which is part of the traditionof the New Year’s Eve conference, suits Claudia de Breij like no other. DeBreij does want to talk a little too much. The entertainment news inparticular is with Glennis Grace, Lil Kleine, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and JohanDerksen overrepresented. That could have been a little less.”

This performance deserves your full attention. So looking back the next day> in peace is recommended.

De Telegraaf about New Year’s Eve conference Claudia de Breij

The Theater paper is a bit more critical. “It must be the age and theconcerns about her children, both very understandable, but the seriousness ofClaudia de Breij sometimes gets in the way of the humor. The balance betweenlearning and entertainment is somewhat disturbed.”

The Telegraph writes about a “strong, substantive presentation”. “Perhapsjust a little less suitable for a cozy New Year’s Eve with friends, oil ballsand champagne on TV. This performance deserves full attention. So looking backthe next day in peace is recommended.”

It AD says that De Breij “extensively reflects on the scandals surrounding_The Voice_ and DWDD “. “No light fare – but inevitable in a review of thisyear. Fortunately, De Breij also puts things into perspective, for examplewhen she states: ‘The fact that all bastards are men does not mean that allmen are bastards.'”

Guido Weijers – on RTL 4 at 8 p.m

In an interview with Fidelity tells Weijers that he wants to go back tobasics. “This year it will be stand-up without frills: one man, onemicrophone, and then make jokes that capture the spirit of the times. So notechnical situations with a projection screen, a PowerPoint or a fancybackground. I leave all that fuss out. I hear from theater directors that theyreally appreciate that and that there is really a different person on stagethan fifteen years ago. I feel that myself.”

The Volkskrant is critical of some parts of the performance. “SometimesWeijers becomes preachy and kicks in a few open doors. At other times thejokes are just too flat, such as about the celebrities who skated crookedly in2022 or fell into disgrace. But due to some effectively recurring storylines,the eleventh New Year’s Eve by Guido Weijers is well put together, with acooling-off message from ‘Iceman’ Wim Hof, a salute to music great HennyVrienten and a moral that is pro-nature and pro-animal welfare.”

“Weijers’ New Year’s Eve show has a higher joke density than that of DeBreij,” writes The Telegraph. “But not all jokes are equally strong andsometimes Weijers puts his ‘preachiness’ just a little too thick on top. Hisaccount of the increasingly shorter walks he took with a terminally illfriend, on the other hand, seem to come straight from his heart.”

Dolf Jansen – on performancegemist.tv

Jansen’s New Year’s Eve conference has been received positively by variousreviewers. “The term ‘activist comedy’, which he uses himself, covers theload,” writes de Volkskrant. “In Flash delivery Jansen is nicelypronounced as always, traditionally sometimes also terribly bland. “I don’thave a lower limit tonight,” he says as he brings up all kinds of variants ofTinder.

“Via the American seizure of abortion rights, he moves on to Johan Derksen, toa speech about ‘fearful men’ and their transgressive behavior. In Utrecht, hegets his hands together, especially when a serious appeal follows to all non-frightened men, who have nothing to fear from a changed time.”

“It is easy to blame Dolf Jansen for always saying and preaching the samething for his own parish,” writes Fidelity. “That’s what we do Flashdelivery however shortage. Jansen looks fresh and energetic. His pace remainsimpressively high. It’s just a pity that he finds it necessary to berate thetheater audience in ‘the province’. The residents of Veghel and Emmen did notdeserve that.”

Dolf Jansen hops smoothly through the year, in which the presents are> presented to the cabaret artist on a plate.

De Theaterkrant about New Year’s Eve conference Dolf Jansen

In the show, Jansen talks about his wife’s divorce, among other things.”That’s a strong piece,” it writes AD. “But just as often Jansen forgets topack his right a bit nicely. He explains how the position of women has changedand comes to a predictable conclusion via Johan Derksen’s candle incident: thedevelopment of the opposite sex frightens some men.”

The Theater paper is slightly more positive about the comedian. “Jansen hopssmoothly through the year, in which the presents are presented to the cabaretartist on a plate: Willem Engel, who after a few days in jail for sedition,compares himself to Nelson Mandela; Jumbo supermarket, which, like othersupermarkets, has the systematically cuts farmers off and claims to havenothing to do with the nitrogen problem of the farmers; retail company Blokkeralso does flash deliveries and therefore assumes that someone really needs acolander within fifteen minutes.”

“As we are used to from Jansen, after his serious story dipped in humor, hestill has a hopeful thought. He believes that the right-thinking person doesnot have to let himself be led to the downfall of life on earth. so muchevidence to the contrary still believes itself, is the question.”

Montana Meiland and Dirk split: fans already thought they saw cracks in the relationship | Backbite

Montana Meiland and Dirk Hoogstraten have separated after eight years. Andthat while it seemed for a long time that the couple would live together andget married.

” We have had beautiful moments together, but sometimes there comes a timeto let go of each other,” Montana writes on Instagram on Wednesday. Rumorsthat the two have broken up have been circulating in Noordwijk for a few hoursat that time. According to The Telegraph sang it around on Tuesday.

The eldest daughter of Martien and Erica is famous for the family’s realityseries, but that is not the only reason for her fame in the coastal town. The28-year-old Montana has an interior design shop in the main street ofNoordwijk and is so busy with it that she barely has time to go in. ChateauMeiland to appear.

The attentive viewer of the reality series already thought to see somecracks in the relationship of Montana and Dirk. In the eighty-minuteChristmas special of the reality family, daughter Maxime could be seen withher partner and children, but Dirk was nowhere to be seen. After theannouncement of the split, there was intense speculation on social media abouthow long it really was between the two.

And that while Dirk is often not with us: he is a real estate entrepreneur andcannot always be at the recordings due to his work. “Dirk and I are therequite often, while you don’t always see us in the picture. That is notconscious, it is often just how it goes. We also all have our own lives,”Montana once told Story.

Montana Meiland en Dirk Hoogstraten waren sinds 2014 samen.

” After everything that has happened around us in recent years, we havechanged. Positive and negative, conscious and unconscious,” Dirk wrote onInstagram after the break. The couple has been together for a total of eightyears. And they have endured a lot: the move of Martien, Maxime and Erica toFrance, the move back to the Netherlands and all the attention from the media.

And that is pretty spicy. Where most people are sometimes asked by acolleague, friend or family member about the status of a relationship, Dirkand Montana have to deal with the press and fans. Everyone is curious abouttheir wedding plans and whether they will ever have children.

A relationship crisis is therefore widely reported. Erica wrote in herbook about an argument between Montana and Dirk. “Two years ago she and Dirkhad a kind of crisis. He said: ‘When I graduate and have a job, I will earnmore than you and you will have to do more housework.'” Nonsense, Montanathought, because she is happy with its shop in Noordwijk.

Although the relationship crisis was long and wide behind when the book cameout, it was on the press day Erica asked repeatedly. And also when Montanaand Dirk said they wanted to live together, everyone wanted to know whetherthey already had a house in mind and whether there were wedding plans.

Montana also caught the bridal bouquet at her sister Maxime ‘s wedding.The sign that she is the next to get married. Montana has always said thatshe would like to get married, but it doesn’t seem to happen with Dirkanymore.

Still, Dirk seems to harbor some hope that things will turn out well. “At themoment we are taking a step back in our relationship to find ourselves again.This can only be achieved by letting go of each other for the moment andseeing what the future brings us. We love each other and will remain good

United Cup 2023: El gran deseo de Nadal: jugar, ante todo jugar | Deportes

“¿Si será este mi último Open de Australia? Nunca se sabe, pero espero que no.A esta edad nunca se sabe cuándo será el último, pero no me gusta hablar deeso porque ahora no estoy pensando en ello. Solo me concentro en jugar, eseesa es mi meta, no pensar que puede ser la última vez… Pero si lo fuera, vamosa disfrutarla lo máximo posible, ¿no? Intentemos crear algo especial”, exponeel número dos del mundo, que este sábado se dio un buen tute ante Norrie, durode helm siempre el británico. Ambos se eplearon a fondo durante 2h 46m, conlos desajustes y los errores lógicos de un duelo de pretemporada. En cualquiercaso, prevaleció la mayor entereza del ganador.

“No ha sido un desastre. Puedo y debo hacer las cosas mejor, pero no he jugadomucho antes [su último partido oficial fue el 17 de noviembre, ante CasperRuud en la Copa de Maestros] y él jugó hace un par de días [triunfo contraAlex de Miñaur]. Tengo que ser más rápido y más sólido, cometer menos erroresy decidir mejor, pero creo que tengo tiempo antes del Open. Si ganas terelajas y tienes confianza, pero no ha sido así; pese a todo, creo que haycosas positivas y he sido competitivo contra un gran jugador, así que vamos aquedarnos con eso también”, expone Nadal, acertado en los primeros servicios–10 aces y un 73% de cosecha– y penalizado en los segundos –53% y 11opciones de rotura para el rival, que aprovechó dos–.

More #MeToo layoffs than ever in 2022, these are the most notable

In 2017, a dentist takes his assistant on a three-day training trip to the US,making unwanted sexual advances. That completely torpedoes the workingrelationship. After returning, relations soured even further and the womanspent years at home sick. Ultimately, the court dissolves the employmentcontract. In addition, the dentist must pay his former assistant a severancepayment of 112,000 euros due to seriously culpable conduct.

2. Flew out

An internship supervisor of the Royal Netherlands Air Force loses his jobafter an intern has filed a complaint against him. The man makes the youngwoman feel unsafe by making inappropriate comments and sexual jokes formonths, but also by kicking her buttocks and massaging her shoulders. The manthinks that is innocent, but his employer and the judge think otherwise. Aftermore than thirty years of service, the lieutenant first class loses his job.

3. Tongue in ear

A policeman thinks he is ‘playing around’ a bit when he sticks his tongue inthe ear of a female colleague in the car during a shift. She does not likethis and complains to her employer. The man denies the incident, but is unableto convince his employer, the court and the Central Appeals Board. It does notwork in his favor that the policeman has already been reprimanded for sexualharassment. The police chief may put the man on the street without severancepay.

4. Failed million dollar claim

A director of a branch of storage giant DSV in Moerdijk indulges in sexuallytransgressive behavior. An investigation following an employee complaintyields a laundry list of inappropriate comments and touching. The man says hedoes not recognize himself in the image, but acknowledges that he jokes abouteverything. When his employer wants to evict him, he speaks of ‘a smearcampaign’ and demands 1.1 million euros in severance payments. He gets nothingfrom the subdistrict court judge.

5. Tie off

A sales trainer at stationery retailer 123Inkt repeatedly makes sexuallysuggestive remarks to a female colleague. For example, during a smoke break heasks her how she is in bed. When there is no answer, he says: “You seem like afeisty one. One of those who can lift you up and throw you down on the bed tohave hard sex with.” According to the man, that fits in with the companyculture; After all, 123Inkt calls itself ‘a company where you can take offyour tie’. The subdistrict court is of the opinion that this means somethingelse; the man loses his job and can whistle for a severance payment.

6. Cheek or Mouth?

On the way out, a 63-year-old automation employee of technology companyFujitsu in De Meern has a quick chat with the receptionist. At the end ofthat, he tries to kiss her. His employer summarily dismisses the man, but theman objects to this. According to the almost retired it’er, he did not want tokiss the receptionist on the mouth, but only wanted to give a goodbye kiss onthe cheek. After the subdistrict court judge has given the green light for thedismissal, the man will appeal.

7. Lick to leg

During a company outing on Terschelling, an employee of a construction companymakes a faux pas by lifting the leg of a female colleague, while making alicking motion. He apologizes a day later, but that does not prevent him frombeing put on hold by the construction company for transgressive behaviour. Anattempt to get his work back has failed for the time being before thesubdistrict court in Leiden.

8. Notifications after ski trip

A manager of an Amsterdam company is also put on hold after reports have beenmade of transgressive behavior, including during a ski trip of the company.However, during an investigation into the case, the allegedly involvedemployees keep their lips tight. Therefore, the manager can return again. Theemployer only wants to let the man work again under strict conditions, but thesubdistrict court rejects this because misconduct has not been proven.

9. Young at heart

A 51-year-old manager who has just started working for a large restaurantchain thinks he can entertain his often younger female colleagues by tellingthem stories about his love life. In doing so, he emphasizes that his datesare often much younger than himself, because he is young at heart. Threecolleagues feel uncomfortable and complain to their employer. The manager nowhas to look for a new job.

10. Assault by director

One of the most remarkable #MeToo cases takes place at a South Holland metalcompany. The owner calls himself a ‘physical person’, who expresses hisappreciation for employees through ‘hugs’. For years, the man has forcedhimself on mostly younger male employees with sexually tinted remarks andtouches. According to one of them, a serious assault is even taking place.Because the latter case is not proven by the Public Prosecution Service, thedirector gets off with community service.

Elke Clijsters has found love with professional darts player Mike De Decker: “Happy end of the year” | BV

BVElke Clijsters (37) has a relationship with darts player Mike De Decker(27). The couple reports this with a photo on Instagram. “Much love from us.Happy New Year,” they wrote. Both Clijsters and De Decker have not had toomuch love luck in recent years. For example, Elke caught bot in ‘TheBachelorette’ and Mike’s relationship also recently hit the rocks.

Editorial Dec 31 2022

Latest update: 10:26

Elke Clijsters, Kim’s younger sister and daughter of former Red Devil Lei,went looking for a life partner in the TV show ‘De Bachelorette’ last year.There she met Ivan, although the love between them quickly cooled. At thetime, Elke said about the split: “Initially, Ivan and I were on a pink cloud.The feelings were there, as was the physical attraction. But the doubts I hadabout ‘us’ during ‘The Bachelorette’ turned out to be justified. Our lives areindeed too different to make a success story out of it,” says Clijsters.

Afterwards, Elke also regularly indicated that she is especially careful whenit comes to relationships. “I sometimes get asked why I don’t have aboyfriend, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I am a good example for mychildren of being happy without a relationship. I don’t want to force love,”she told Story a few months ago. Clijsters has her two children together withfootball player Jelle Van Dammer. They became parents to a son Cruz in 2009and a daughter Cleo in 2010. Jelle and Elke separated in 2016.

LOOK. Elke chooses Ivan in ‘The Bachelorette’, but find no ‘happily everafter’ together.

Clijsters has therefore found her new love happiness with darts player Mike DeDecker. And a professional player who has delivered top performances in recentmonths. And he says he owes those achievements mainly to the break with hisprevious girlfriend. “I lived in the Netherlands with my girlfriend, but thatrelationship broke down in September. As a result, I went to live in Mechelenagain, with my mother and stepfather. That way I could train with Martin (hisstepfather, ed.) every day again. Because of him I spend longer on the board,which increased my level. When I was in the Netherlands, I quit faster.”

Passion for darts

The darts bug is one that both Mike and Elke have caught. Elke recently tookpart in the ‘BV Darts’ programme. She liked her participation so much that sheregularly took part in local tournaments afterwards. She also went to theWorld Cup in London several times in the past two weeks. Both Elke and Mikewill therefore no longer have to practice the sport alone in the future.

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