Film De Bellinga’s huge hit on Netflix, but with varying reviews: ‘Don’t watch this’

The film The Bellingas: House on Stilts is a hit on Netflix. The film bythe Zwolle family vloggers, who moved to Raalte in 2021, has been at the topof the Dutch film list of the Netflix Top 10 for days. The film is not lovedby everyone. “Really do not watch this,” reports Cinemagazine.

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The film appeared on Netflix on January 4 and immediately took the lead in thelist of best viewed films of the streaming service in the Netherlands. Thefamily film is currently in 4th place.

Best vloggers of the year

In the film, the family vloggers are voted best vloggers of the year. Whilethe parents celebrate with a weekend getaway, crooks manage to steal thewinner’s cup from the family’s home. The kids put a stop to that.

Varying reviews

While the movie is a hit on Netflix, reviews are mixed. The film received arelatively good score from the Dutch children’s newspaper Kidsweek, with 3.5out of 5 stars. “While watching The Bellinga ‘s: House on stilts youspontaneously get a smile on your face anyway,” writes the newspaper, whichthen lists examples of jokes. “These jokes hide the fact that the Bellinga’sdon’t always act very well and that the scenes with the crooks aren’t veryexciting. But if you want an hour full of cheerfulness, the Bellinga’s aredefinitely the place to be.”

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‘Home alone-like movie’

The film gets less praise on other film sites. On IMDB the film scores 2.2 outof 10 stars and on Moviemeter 1.3 out of 5 stars. The film can also count onfew positive words on and the spectacle receives 1 star. callsit ‘a Home Alone-like film with nasty songs’. “If we want to see somethingnew, we will be disappointed with the Bellinga family, because everything hasbeen stolen from other films and the acting is sometimes cringeworthy,” thesite reports.

‘Don’t watch this’

Cinemagazine is also critical and gives the film a rating of 0.5. “If youdon’t have to review it, don’t watch it. And also try to stop your childrenfrom watching this rubbish.” The crew can count on nice words. “The setdressers, the lighting technicians, the make-up artists, the location scout,the drone operator, the costume designers and all those others: they tried tomake the best of it and they deserve a compliment for that.”

Zap Awards

Despite the mixed reviews, the film is loved by many people. That’s how itshould be The Bellingas: House on Stilts among the ten nominees for’Favorite youth film’ at the Zapp Awards 2023 and the film was awarded aGolden Film Award in September, after 100,000 visitors saw the film in thecinema. On January 28, the family will hear whether they will go home with a