Jason Trawick says Britney Spears needed conservatorship when they were together

Jason Trawick, the Hollywood agent who was engaged to Britney Spears andbriefly became her co-curator, is making rare comments about theirrelationship.

Trawick — whose clients also included Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton and HilaryDuff — discussed his career on Kevin Connelly’s podcast. The conversationturned to him managing Britney, whom he met through her brother, Bryan Spears,in 2006. He repped her through some of her most turbulent years, as she wasput into the conservatorship in 2008. The following year they started dating,became engaged in 2011 and then split in 2012. He talked about theconservatorship, insisting the “Toxic” singer needed it at the time, andclaimed her dad, Jamie Spears, had good intentions — as far as what hewitnessed. He denied his romance with Britney was fake, addressing the rumorthat Jamie paid him to be a “spy,” among other revelations.

“Listen, did she need a conservatorship when I was there? Yes. I’ll be thefirst to say it,” Trawick said. “I think she needed some guidance.” He saidsomeone needed to oversee the pop star’s finances, as she her ex-husband KevinFederline “spent a lot of money” in the two years they were married. Plus,”She’d be the worst person on The Price Is Right. She doesn’t understandwhat things cost,” he added. However, he said she needed the conservatorshipfor other reasons, including “therapy [and] stopping her from seeing certainindividuals that were not great [influences].”

In his opinion, Jamie “100 percent” meant well by putting the conservatorshipin place, Trawick said, “unless they can prove he somehow stole money fromher.” He said Jamie gave up a lot for the job. As for whether theconservatorship should have ended before it did, in 2021 after 13 years, hesaid he wasn’t sure, but said when he was present in Britney’s life, sheneeded someone looking after her so people didn’t take advantage.

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Now that the conservatorship is over, he’s happy she gets “the opportunity toshow the world” that she can do it on her own. “If she fails, then she fails,”he said, “[But] I want her to prove [naysayers] wrong.” He said the pop star”has a big heart.”

Trawick started repping Britney, newly divorced with two young sons, amid “allthe craziness” prior to the conservatorship. During that period, he didn’thave much contact with her “because there was a person in her life that Idon’t even want to give the credit to name his name,” referring to Sam Lufti,”who took over.. My calls didn’t get returned because they never got toher.Eventually when she came out of it … and the family got involved … Ibecame [her] real agent.”

They developed a close friendship (“We were best friends basically. Shetrusted me. She felt close with me”), and revealed “when they crossed theline” from professional to romantic. He said they were in Las Vegas and she”hated being alone” in her hotel rooms, so it wasn’t uncommon that he’d staywith her on a couch. One night, she invited him into her bed. He recalled themorning after when the nanny arrived to watch her sons, Preston and Jayden. Hesaid they should keep what happened quiet from the nanny and he thought theywere set on their story. But when the nanny walked in, Britney “just walks bybutt naked into the kitchen,” blowing up any cover story. “From that point on,we were an item.”

Jason Trawick (L) and singer Britney Spears pose backstage during the 2011Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena May 22, 2011 in LasVegas,Nevada.Jason Trawick(L) and singer Britney Spears pose backstage during the 2011 Billboard MusicAwards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena May 22, 2011 in Las Vegas,Nevada.

Jason Trawick and Britney Spears backstage at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.(Photo: Getty Images)

He said that time was surreal as he “became a reality star” of sorts. “Peoplewere talking about me,” which wasn’t “a great look” for his career, by whichhe was supposed to be a background fixture. He ultimately put his career onthe back-burner for her because “I definitely was in love,” and joined her ontwo world tours.

The attention on Spears was relentless even in the post-conservatorship era.He recalled them visiting Mel Gibson’s vacation home in Costa Rica so thesuperstar singer could have some peace and privacy amid the glare of thespotlight. Gibson said it was paparazzi-proof because they’d have to drivethrough eight hours of jungle to get to the home, which they flew directly to.They woke up the next morning and the paparazzi were outside.

He talked about not being traditional tabloid cover star material. He oncestayed in the water, with a float around him, so that paparazzi couldn’t get ashots of his body, which fluctuated up and down the scale and mean blogs ofthat era seized upon.

A few years later, he was in super shape and she cast him as her love interestin her “Criminal” video. He recalled filming the scene in a tight leathermotorcycle suit, saying “she made me audition.”

Trawick talked about being followed to work by paparazzi, who boxed him in,> four cars deep, trying to see if his famous girlfriend was in his car,> nearly leading to accidents. “It was terrible,” he said. When they’d shop at> Target together, there would be “three behind her, three in front of her” up> and down every aisle of the store. “Everywhere we went there was somebody> following us.” He said paps would try to provoke him for footage, saying to> him, “‘You’re Britney’s bitch going shopping.’ …Just waiting for me to> react.” He said he only did once or twice, including a spat with a paparazzo> outside a Red Robin in Calabasas which led to a “violent Jason Trawick> snaps” headline.

He said the long-held rumor — propelled by Britney’s first husband, JasonAlexander — that Jamie hired him as “a spy” and “forced me to like” Britney isuntrue. “Her dad actually fired me” as her agent after they started dating.”He told me one or the other,” agent or boyfriend, he said. “I got fired.”

Trawick briefly became the co-conservator of Britney’s person, not finances,once they became engaged, which allowed them to travel more without needingpermission. He revealed that at the time they were contemplating a move toLouisiana for a quieter life and to raise her boys there. He said thatBritney, not Jamie, was behind him taking a conservatorship role.

“She asked me to be conservator,” he said, explaining they approached Jamie,who said OK and did the work to get the approval. However, Jamie was stillalways going to be there. “It was going to be me and [Jamie].” He said thatrole “took a toll” on his relationship with Britney and was the beginning ofthe end.

As for their breakup, he said, “It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t one of thosebreakups where … you still saw each other. It was a final. It was a breakup.The hardest part was the kids. I’ d known them since Preston was born andJayden was basically a newborn. That was really hard on me — not seeing them …They were 7 and 8 when I left.”

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 15: (EUROPE AND AUSTRALASIA OUT) BritneySpears is seen with her manager and current boyfriend Jason Trawick and herchildren Sean Preston and Jayden James as they board MV Oscar inWoolloomooloo, Sydney on November 15, 2009 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo byJim Trifyllis/Newspix/GettyImages)SYDNEY,AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 15: (EUROPE AND AUSTRALASIA OUT) Britney Spears is seenwith her manager and current boyfriend Jason Trawick and her children SeanPreston and Jayden James as they board MV Oscar in Woolloomooloo, Sydney onNovember 15, 2009 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by JimTrifyllis/Newspix/GettyImages)

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick with her sons Preston and Jayden in Sydney in2009. (Photo: Jim Trifyllis/Newspix/Getty Images)

He said he recently FaceTimed with the boys, who are now 17 and 16. “To heartheir [deep] voices,” he said. “I’m at the age where I decided I’m not havingkids, but in a way I looked at [it like I] did have kids … Everyone said:’Well, they’re not your own,’ but I treated them as they were my own.Obviously they are Kevin’s. Kevin is a great dad. We had them 50 percent ofthe time. I feel like I did raise them in a certain way. They were like mykids. That was the hardest part. [But she] and I, at the end, it was just … alot of fighting. it wasn’t fair in front of the kids.”

Trawick, who now lives in Las Vegas and isn’t married, said he wishes his exwell on her third marriage to Sam Asghari.

“I don’t know much about her new husband,” he said. “I’m happy for them [thatthey got] married. I hope that he’s a good support group and also provides andgives her what she needs.”