Body language expert explains how royals really felt today

Looks can kill and pictures are worth a thousand words. Body language expertand psychologist Denise Dechamps van Body Language Academy know that like noother. Previously, she analyzed Meghan and Harry’s interview with OprahWinfrey – where it quickly became clear that “they haven’t processed theiremotions yet.” During Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, Denise also noticed a lotabout the expressions on the faces of the British royals.

This is why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are behind Kate Middleton andPrince William >

Emotions royals

There is more to read from an image that appeared last week than from all theimages on this day, Denise Dechamps says when we call her. ‘We can clearly seehere that Kate and William raise their left eyebrows, which often has to dowith disbelief and sarcasm. Meghan and Harry also have a certain expression ontheir faces; in Meghan we see especially sadness. I’m curious what happenedhere.’ On the other hand, there is less to conclude from today’s images. Andthat can be for several reasons, explains Denise. ‘A day like this is full ofprotocols and rules; it is understandable if the members of the royal familyare more focused on this than on their grief. Besides, they have been mourningfor ten days. The hats and veils don’t make it any easier either.’ Inaddition, there was recently rumored that Kate Middleton would have done babybotox. Kensington Palace immediately disproved the suspicion, as is always thecase with this kind of ‘news’. ‘If Kate did do Botox, it would have a bigeffect on how we can read her emotions. Every muscle in your face produces itsown micro-expression. If you paralyze it, which you do with botox, expressionsare harder to read.’

Camilla and Charles seem opposites

What stood out this morning was the smile on Camilla’s face. ‘That smile isfeigned, it comes from courtesy. It’s clearly not a genuine smile of joy.’King Charles twitched his mouth a number of times today, a micro-expressionwith great meaning: ‘This movement may indicate that he feels superior. Itcould also be related to certain pride as we saw the expression several timestoday. In addition, he is clearly emotional in other images, which can be readfrom the position of his face.’

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the state funeral of queen elizabethii

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Emotional Harry

One thing is clear: Prince Harry is very emotional today. ‘With Harry you cansee a clear ‘inverted U-shape’ between his eyebrows. When you are sad or haveto cry, this is the last muscle you can keep in the fold. Your mouth is easierto influence. So pure emotion emerges from this look.’

the state funeral of queen elizabethii

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William holds emotions

Prince William also shows emotion, but keeps it clearly. ‘In several photosyou can see that he is actively opening his nostrils and even clenching hisjaw. In addition, at times I saw the “inverted U-shape” with him, just likewith Harry. Based on the images, there is a good chance that William isholding back his tears and doing everything he can to control his emotions.’

Botox or no botox, and protocols or not, it remains a sad affair. Let’s justhope that the royals can give their emotions free space behind closed doors.