Humberto Tan does not understand the fuss of Ungehoord Nederland: ‘Why?’

Humberto Tan lashed out at broadcaster in his own talk show last night Unheard of Netherlands. In the broadcast, he stated that he did not fully understand the fuss surrounding the statements about ‘anti-white racism’ and the images shown in the broadcast. Because everyone could have seen this coming. “They are doing exactly what they promised when they started the broadcaster.”

Last Thursday sun Unheard of Netherlands in an item about racism, a compilation of internet videos in which people of color beat up white people. According to presenter Raïsa Blommestijn, the program wanted to show “a less exposed aspect of racism on social media”. She spoke of “whites being beaten up by negroes.”

Much criticism of the item soon followed. For example, the NPO and all broadcasters spoke out against the fragment. Unheard of Netherlands has been under fire this summer. Watch the clip below.

Humberto Tan: ‘Why so much fuss?’

Humberto Tan also picked up on the issue last night. “Last week there was a lot of fuss about the statements of Unheard of Netherlands. But I wondered: why? Unheard does exactly what they promised when they started their own broadcaster.”

He points out the key points of the broadcaster. “You can just find it on the website. They constantly point out the adverse effects of mass immigration and the preservation of Dutch traditions and culture.”

‘We can do a lot of cheating to others who have a different skin color’

In his statement, he cites statements by the well-known writer Yuval Noah Harari. He has written in one of his books that people are not such sweet animals at all. “We can be very false to others because they have a different skin color, speak a different language, or have a different religion.”

There is Unheard of Netherlands according to him proof of this. Humberto Tan also doesn’t seem to understand why there is so much criticism of people who resist that falsehood: the woke culture. “People who ask for equal rights or just ask for more consideration for each other are even dismissed as a threat to the rule of law.”

Humberto Tan: ‘I don’t think virtues are wrong at all’

According to Humberto Tan, it sometimes goes so far that in the eyes of some people woke-ism and virtue are even ‘undesirable and actually a kind of suspicious’. “Well, I don’t think virtue is a bad word at all. On the contrary.”

Finally, he points to the – in his eyes – woke videos of children of color who finally see a main character in Disney film who is also in color, namely the mermaid. “That’s why I say this,” said Humberto Tan. “This video is good from all sides and shows how important it is to be seen. The woke discussion has fueled this and it has this result.”

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Humberto Tan does not understand the fuss of Ungehoord Nederland: ‘Why?’

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