Movie car from The Fast and the Furious is sold for charity: only 6,000 km on the clock and worth a few million euros | car

A car dealership from Munich offers a Japanese coupé with a rich history. It concerns the Nissan GT-R of the late Paul Walker from the film series The Fast and the Furiouswhich will be auctioned later this year.

During the shooting of the nine-part film series of The Fast and the Furious about 2,500 cars were destroyed. Converted, it would be about one crashed car every 49 seconds in the movies. Fortunately for the hardcore fans of the movies, one specific car was not among the victims.

Unique copy

It is the blue Nissan R34 Skyline, from part four of the series, which has been preserved. This Nissan already had a cult following with sports car enthusiasts before it debuted on the movie screen, but the film series has made the sports car an outright legend.

The film GT-R is a unique example that was specially composed by Kaizo Industries for the shooting and with the collaboration of lead actor Paul Walker, who was killed in a car accident in 2013. For example, on Walker’s instructions, the car has no nameplates or stickers because he didn’t want to drive a ‘sticker bomber’.

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The super fast Nissan from the film series The Fast and the Furious. © GTA

‘Bayside Blue’

The ‘Bayside Blue’ color looks like the car came out of the showroom yesterday and it kind of is, because the Nissan has only driven 6,000 kilometers. The twin-turbo 2.6-liter six-cylinder in the front is no less than 550 hp strong. The car features Nismo sports suspension, sports exhaust, body kit, roll cage, Alcantara interior and the on-board computer installed for the film, including a custom head-up display.

If you consider that standard promotional vehicles from the The Fast and The Furiousmovies have already changed hands for more than 800,000 euros, the estimated sales price of five million euros for this very special Japanese film car is not surprising. The seller wants to donate a large part of the proceeds to the Paul Walker ‘Reach out worldwide’ foundation. The car also comes with a large amount of movie memorabilia. It is not known when the car will be auctioned exactly.

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