Nico was bodyguard for Lady Gaga and Beyoncé: ‘Security always affects someone’s private life’ | What does a…

What does a…If you look at our job landscape, you will see special functions.A field service engineer, a lab technician or an assembly worker: we obviouslyneed them badly, but for what and why? In this series, each week someone tellsabout his or her profession. Today: Nico Raat (47) is a bodyguard and has hisown training company in personal security.

What exactly do you do?

,,Most of the time I deal with the personal security of people abroad, I havemany famous clients. But I also do other things in addition to it. This is howwe spent last summer recording the TV program The Bodyguard , in whichcandidates can show who has what it takes to become a bodyguard. In the autumnI will again focus more on the training we provide in personal security andour courses. We do this from my own company Amsterdam Consultancy Group.”

How often are you abroad?

“I used to spend ten to eleven months a year abroad, so now I’m looking for alittle more balance.”

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Don’t you miss traveling?

,,People always think that traveling is what makes my job so great, that yougo everywhere and see a lot of the world. In practice, you actually only seethe airports and the locations where you have to secure someone. In addition,there is much more to it, not everyone knows that. We never go anywherewithout exploring before. How does it work from a safety point of view, whatpossible risks are there, how can we avoid them? We do this so that everythingruns smoothly for the customer.”

In the past, you’ve worked for celebrities like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, andKanyé West. How is that?

“People always want to know what such a person is like in real life. But Iwon’t say anything about that. I wouldn’t like it if people knew everythingabout my private life.”

What do you like best about your job?

“That you can ensure that protected persons can continue to do what they want.That a columnist or journalist can continue to do his or her job and an artistcan continue to perform. I am especially happy if this succeeds despite allthe hectic by, for example, hordes of fans.”

Quote >>> We think it should be possible to get a sandwich spontaneously on the way

,,I think it is the combination of background and vision. Almost all our boyscome from the police or defense. In addition, our mission is to make thesituation as bearable as possible for the protected person. Personal securityalways affects someone’s private life. It’s annoying enough that you need it,then it’s extra sour when you also have to lead a locked life. You can indeedpush someone into the car from their home and quickly bring them in onlocation. That is the safest, but not the most pleasant.

Many security guards are trained on attacks, a very important part, but 99percent of the time you don’t have to deal with them at all. It is no fun forthe people who are being protected if the procedures are so tight. We believethat it should be possible to get a sandwich on the way spontaneously. As longas you don’t hang around too long and don’t put it on Instagram.”

What do you need to be able to do this job?

“In addition to being fit, you also have to be able to figure yourself out.It’s about the protected person, not you. In addition, you should not be soeasily impressed by fame and wealth. But perhaps the most important thing is:you should always be alert. Even if you are tired, irritated or hungry. If yousecure someone during their vacation and lie quietly on the beach, it is a lotmore relaxed. But in a crowded crowd, you have to keep an eye on the behaviorof all the people and see exactly how to get away if danger threatens. After afew hours you are really tired.”

How do you see your future in this profession?

“I see more of a coordinating role for myself in the future. I leave the restto our employees. I also want to further expand the training courses in theNetherlands. That way I can be at home more often. I missed a lot of my kidswhen they were little. I realized that when I was suddenly more at home incorona time. That has to be different. But I just need the adventure in mywork. I wouldn’t be happy with an office job.”

Do you also want a career in security?

As a security guard you can protect the biggest stars in the world, just likeNico. But the security sector is much bigger. For example, they are lookingfor security guards at Schiphol, where you guarantee safety at the airport.But you can also work at the Van Gogh Museum or work for the nationalgovernment, for example. On Nationale Vacaturebank you will find relevantvacancies in your region.