Roxeanne Hazes also breaks with Holland, Hazes sings: ‘Looked forward to it every year’ | show

Roxeanne Hazes will not be present at the Holland sings Hazesconcerts. The singer announced this via Instagram. The folk singer’s daughter has a difficult relationship with her mother, who organizes the festival. Last month Rachel Hazes lashed out at Roxeanne.

“There were already some rumors going around, but before I wanted to make this decision, I gave myself some time to think,” Roxeanne writes in her Instagram Stories. ‘I have decided that I will not participate in next year Holland sings Hazes.’

The statement of the Hazes scion does not come as a complete surprise. Last month she told in best singers about a nasty form of homesickness that she says she suffered from a ‘trauma from her childhood’. For example, Roxeanne said that ‘the biggest blow’ came when her mother Rachel wrote a book after her father’s death. “Then I didn’t have my mother with me for nine months. Just when you need her so much to mourn.” Roxeanne says she had a ‘huge blow’ because her mother would have abandoned her. “You damage someone with that for the rest of their life. I am a grown woman, but I find it difficult to sleep alone.”

‘Rich fantasy’

Her mother then decided via RTL Boulevard to make a statement out into the world. “Let’s just say it’s mainly the rich fantasy of a young girl at the time,” she said. The relationship between mother and daughter Hazes has been bad for a long time. Rachel tries to get her daughter to testify in a lawsuit she has filed against two former business partners.

Roxeanne writes: ‘I used to sing my father’s songs once a year. This had been something I looked forward to every year for ten years, a special event to honor my father. The audience is fantastic. You make sure it’s always a party. Thanks for that. For now I’m going to focus on other beautiful things I’m working on in the near future. Lots of fun! And who knows until another time.’

During the performances with Holland sings Hazes her brother André is making his comeback on stage. After a long time in which he completely withdrew from the spotlight, he will perform there again for the first time. André also lashed out at his sister after her comments in Dear singers. He said he looked with ‘vicarious shame’.

The statement of Roxeanne Hazes. © Instagram Stories Roxeanne Hazes

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