Top 5 new movies and series on Netflix, from Anna to Do Revenge

It’s the time of year to just stay indoors and swing on Netflix. In our view, these are the most striking new Netflix movies and series that appeared in week 37.

This week features a diverse list of new movies and series on Netflix, including an interesting revival of a classic high school series and a Netflix documentary about a toxic, paranoid mother.

New movies and series in week 37 on Netflix

With dot on one in the list of new Netflix movies and series in week 37, we find a tasty spy thriller from 2019. The perfect Saturday night movie.

1. Anna (Movie)

The film Anna is already from 2019 and can be seen on Netflix since this week. Although the film did not really appeal to critics at the time, the spy film has now become a ratings hit on Netflix. The film Anna tells about the Russian model Anna Poliatova, who carries a deep secret with her. She is also one of Russia’s most dangerous spies.

2. Heartbreak High (Original Series)

In second place in the list of new films and series we find a reboot of a delicious classic. Heartbreak High screams 90s of course at those that ring a bell. The successful Australian high school series was immensely popular, also in the Netherlands. Netflix has released a reboot especially for the current young generations. Shall Heartbreak High 2.0 become as global a success as the original?

3. Do Revenge (Original Movie)

Good news for Netflix subscribers who can’t get enough of Maya Hawke’s acting performance (Stranger Things). The rising star – and daughter Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman – will star in Do Revengea high school comedy in Hitchcock sauce.

The popular Drea (Camila Mendes, Riverdale) wants revenge on her boyfriend for publishing her sex tape. Exchange student Eleanor (Maya Hawke) is haunted by a rumor. The two teens team up to take action against their tormentors. In a nutshell: teenage girls take revenge in a film laced with black humor

4. Sins of Our Mother (Original Documentary)

This week’s list of movies and series also includes a grim Netflix Original Documentary. Sins of Our Mother tells of a dangerous cocktail of murder, religious fanaticism and the belief that the world is going to end. The mother in question is also referred to as ‘doomsday mother’ in the documentary. You can see what impact this lady in question had on the people around her Sins of Our Mother.

5. Drifting Home (Original Anime)

So, enough apocalypse for today. We happily continue with a nice Original Anime in the top 5 with new movies and series on Netflix. In Drifting Home a group of elementary school children has become adrift in an abandoned apartment building. Yes, a floating apartment building. The young group tries with all their might to find their way home.

Also check out the new movies and series that appeared on Netflix in week 36, such as a brand new season of Cobra Kai.

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Top 5 new movies and series on Netflix, from Anna to Do Revenge

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