The best film of 2022 can finally be streamed in the Netherlands

The best film of 2022 can finally be streamed in the Netherlands. Then we’re talking about Everything Everywhere All At Oncethe big surprise of this year.

Yes, I would almost forget it due to all the marketing violence, but there is more than Marvel film number one thousand and the umpteenth Star Wars trilogy. For true diversity and creativity, keep an eye on your local movie house.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Films by independent film makers, experimental thrillers from Japan, French comedies that manage to surprise: the offer ranges in all directions.

Everything Everywhere All At Once has proved this year that those two worlds can be brought together. Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert delivered a huge blockbuster with a budget of ‘only’ 25 million. A roller coaster ride full special effects.

An impressive achievement. Everything Everywhere All at Once had a special effectsteam that consisted of five people, including the directors themselves.

Everything Everywhere all at once best movie Prime Video
(Image: A24)

Multiverse roller coaster

Despite these limitations, they have created a masterpiece. The film is about a Chinese immigrant who runs a launderette, but when she tries to do her taxes, she ends up in a multiverseadventure that you say to you. The world turns out to be in danger, and she is the only one who can save it.

That sounds absurd, and it is Everything Everywhere All At Once also. The film itself is also all too aware of that: the jokes fly around your ears, and the humor drips from it. It provides a roller coaster ride through the multiverse that you will have to pay attention to, because the pace is high. But then you also get something: humor, an original story, impressive stunts and a striking amount of emotion.

Biggest movie of A24

First the box officefigures: the indie film is by far the biggest film ever released by acclaimed studio A24. Globally, at the time of writing, the counter stands at $100 million.

For comparison: moonlightthe A24 film that won the Oscar for Best Picture, was also seen as an incredible success with 65 million.

Everything Everywhere All at Once however, it does not have to rely only on the brand new dollars.

Top Rated on Rotten Tomatoes

Critics also walk away with the film. On Rotten Tomatoes, the indie hit scores a very solid 95 percent after 339 reviews from journalists.

“The Daniels and their ‘wow’ from star Michelle Yeoh turn this visionary absurdist comedy into a volcano of creative ideas in full bursts. You’ve never seen anything like it before,” concluded ABC News reviewer Peter Travers.

In any case, they agree on one thing: Everything Everywhere All at Once does the multiverse concept better than the new one Doctor Strange. In fact, some critics are already predicting a hefty score at the next Oscars.

The audience score of 89 percent is a bit lower, but still excellent. The consensus reads: “Incredible acting, stunning visuals and a very deep, powerful story — Everything Everywhere All at Once has it all.”

Best movie of 2022?

The film has an 8.1 rating on IMDb. Or Everything Everywhere All At Once really the best film of 2022 also depends mainly on your taste and what Hollywood has to offer this fall.

On Rotten Tomatoes, only The Batman and Top Gun: Maverick even higher, and so the indie film is in third place of a editorial list of the best movies of the year. As far as we’re concerned it deserves Everything Everywhere All At Once actually that first place, if only for the breath of fresh air that the film blows through Hollywood.

Judge for yourself on Prime Video

Fortunately, you can now judge for yourself. Do you have Everything Everywhere All At Once missed at the cinema? Then Amazon has a nice surprise waiting for you. The acclaimed film can now be streamed on Prime Video! A streaming service that still costs only 2.99 euros per month. Or try it for free for 30 days.

And hey, does it matter which film is number one, two or three? The main conclusion is that 2022 has produced several top cinema films for the time being, and that is only good news.

Grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy one of the most surprising rollercoaster rides you’ve experienced in recent years.

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Everything Everywhere all at once best movie Prime Video

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The best film of 2022 can finally be streamed in the Netherlands

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