Big criticism of ‘We’re almost there’ for not helping stranded couple

About 800 kilometers before the last stop, Jan and Willy’s car stops. And thenyou expect the whole group to help them, but no…

Final Episode of ‘We’re Almost There’

In the last episode of the season, there is a battle for first place in thejeu de boules competition. But first, the participants still have a few longtravel days ahead of them. They travel from the south to the final campsite onthe Mediterranean near Tarragona. In between they make another stop in thesurprising city of Cuenca, famous for its hanging rock houses.

Jan and Willy in tears

The group was less than twenty kilometers away when Jan and Willy’s car -which has already broken down twice – finally stops. They are stuck on theside of the highway. Unfortunately, they can no longer follow the group andthe emotional couple remains behind while waiting for the car to be repaired.”This is a drama, of course, you can’t do anything anymore,” Jan says whilecomforting his wife. Tears roll down her cheeks. “We were so looking forwardto the holiday,” she says with a sniffle.

According to Jan it is ‘the end of the exercise’. “We need a tow truck andthen we’ll see,” he says. One thing he does know, they won’t make it to thefinal campsite. The group holiday ends here for them and they really hate it.


The episode then continues without them, as the other travelers just drove on.When the group arrives at the final campsite, they have a few more funactivities planned. For example, there is a jeu de boules competition in whichthe group participates. Except Jan and Willy, because they are still unlucky.They are now at a campsite 800 kilometers away, waiting for their car to berepaired.


Throughout the episode, viewers keep hoping that a very happy Willy will soonbe parading onto the final campsite. “Her vacation should not end like this,”one viewer wrote on Twitter. They feel very sorry for stranded couple.Secretly, the viewers expected that the program would arrange something thatthey could join the group on the last evening, but unfortunately. For example,someone reacts with: ‘No, we are going to do everything together with thewhole group … well, pretty hypocritical, let the stranded couple burst.’

I hope that soon a very happy Willy will parade on the camping site.>> Her vacation should not end like this.#We are almost> there>> — Sebastian Hall (@SebastiaanHall) September 20,> 2022

So Gurbe had put all his energy into messing around. And not in Jan and> Willie. Because they are 800km away. Not a colorful evening for Jan and> Willie… #We are almost> there>> — Tristan (@Tristanzid) September 20,> 2022

No, we are going to do everything together with the whole group .. well> hypocritically let the stranded couple burst ..#We are almost> there>> — Dorien Bergman🤗nice..🤲 (@PannieWannie) September 20,> 2022

No, we are going to do everything together with the whole group .. well