Francis van Broekhuizen and Angela de Jong bicker at Jinek

Linda de Mol will appear in her magazine today LINDA., after a long time, out about the scandal all around The Voice and her ex-partner Jeroen Rietbergen. Last night singer Francis van Broekhuizen and TV critic Angela de Jong were there Jinek only not even about the approach of De Mol.

Linda de Mol has stayed under the radar lately. She recently reappeared on television for a long time with Million dollar hunt and enters today, in her own magazine LINDA, about the recent turbulent period.

Angela de Jong thinks Linda de Mol’s choice is ‘safe’

TV critic Angela de Jong, who has frequently spoken out about the abuses surrounding The Voice, is now responding to De Mol’s statements. De Jong calls De Mol’s choice for a piece in her own magazine “safe”. The TV critic would have liked her to give an interview to Tim Hofman. Because there are no critical questions surrounding this piece.

An earlier statement by Rietbergen, among other things, gave the impression that De Mol would have been aware of the abuses surrounding it The Voice. Something she puts in her text LINDA. debunked. She swears on both of her children that she “knew nothing at all about what happened at” The Voice“.

Francis van Broekhuizen and Angela de Jong in discussion at Jinek

Francis van Broekhuizen is also sitting at the table, who looks a bit dubious at De Jong’s words. She understands that De Mol opts for a statement via its own platform. “A lot of people just say something about her. She feels she may not be able to answer. Why do we all do that in the media?”, Van Broekhuizen wonders.

De Jong explains that it is indeed a private matter, but at the same time there is a major scandal going on around a well-watched television program. “Whereas four people, as far as we know now, could have crossed the line for X number of years.” According to Van Broekhuizen, attention should be paid to the perpetrators and De Mol is just as much a victim of the issue. “There is no mention of Linda. Because Linda hasn’t said anything for eight months,” De Jong corrects her. “Yes, but she didn’t do it anyway,” emphasizes Van Broekhuizen.

Van Broekhuizen against ‘trial by media’ Linda de Mol

According to De Jong, it is obvious that people want to know what De Mol knew about this story. “This is the question that surrounds that entire file. How could it go so horribly wrong there? After years of no action?” But Van Broekhuizen believes that this serious case is devoted to the police and the Public Prosecution Service. “Actually, that should be from the media. Trial by media, that’s what I think.”

De Jong: „Let me be clear, of course she is not the one who touched those girls. But the question is, you have to ask yourself that too Francis… Horde’s parents sent their children to that talent show and they thought they were in a safe environment there,” said the reviewer.

“Should we talk about that, Angela?”

Van Broekhuizen emphasizes that the men who are guilty of sexually transgressive behavior do so “secretly”. “You don’t see a lot of things. Those men are jerks, they do it.”

But De Jong believes that if something needs to be changed there, complaints about these kinds of things should be taken seriously. “But should we talk about that, Angela? You and me?”, Van Broekhuizen wonders. “But should we talk about the Queen’s funeral?” De Jong responds. Van Broekhuizen joined in Jinek to share her opinion about the funeral of the British Queen Elizabeth. “Actually not, yes that is also true”, responds Van Broekhuizen.

You watch Jinek back via RTL.

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Francis van Broekhuizen and Angela de Jong squabble at Jinek about Linda de Mol

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