‘Still Believe by Herman Brood tells me that unconditional love will still come’

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‘Still Believe by Herman Brood tells me that unconditional love will stillcome’

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Which song do you want to play at your own farewell anyway?

Still Believe by Herman Brood & His Wild Romance.

Why this one?

“I’ve been a big fan of Herman Brood since my childhood. He experienced hisglory days in the late 1970s, but I followed him before that time. He matchedexactly the adolescent blues that I was going through at the time. At the timeI was on a boys’ boarding school in Ter Apel and Herman often played inGroningen. Close by, but I was not allowed to go there.”

“I also recognized myself in Herman. I also kept myself going in life by doingtricks. This song is about a lost love that he hopes to find again, but for meit touches my deepest heartache. I’m like adopted a baby and it gave me anattachment problem I miss that unconditional love of a mother and this songmakes me feel like it will come someday I even had Henk Schiffmacher get atattoo with the lyrics of Still Believe. I continue to believe that I willstill have that love.”

And what does it say about your life?

“That craving for love was a slumbering feeling that I often ran into. I am anemotional person and have had many relationships in my life, which oftencrashed. Then that song always came back. There have been times when I wasvery melancholy and then this song lifted me over it again. Just like withblues music, sinking into melancholy can sometimes also give a nice newstart.”

“At 57 I wrote my biography, and I started a search for my biological father.My parents only had contact once. He was a journalist, and that world hasalways attracted me. It was nice to discover that love that I had beforewriting is apparently in my DNA. While writing my life story, the slumberingsadness logically reappeared. I had had contact with my biological motherbefore and just before her death we became a closer bond. I like to think thatmy faith in love has helped, because a touch of my dream and the feeling of_Still Believe_ has become reality.”