Ticket sale for new film documentary ‘Aber der Kirche passionrt nichts’ has started

The new film documentary ‘Aber der Kirche passionrt nichts’ by Peter Crins and Peter Hermans will premiere on Friday 18 November at 7.30 pm. This will take place in the Pestoeërskoel room in Leveroy. After that, the film can be seen in the Pestoeërskoel room on Saturday 19 November at 2 pm and 7:30 pm and on Sunday 20 November at 2 pm and 7:30 pm. The Weerter premiere is on Saturday 10 December at 2 pm and 7:30 pm in the Munttheater in Weert. Tickets for all screenings are on sale from Thursday 22 September via the website and cost €13.50 including a break consumption.

‘Aber der Kirche is not passionate about’

The announcement and start of sales of this new film documentary on Thursday 22 September is not a coincidence, but has been chosen for several reasons. To start with, this is the date on which Weert was liberated in the Second World War, after which Leveroy and the surrounding area became the front in the war. In addition, on this day the liberation monument will be unveiled in Weert and one of the stories on this monument has to do with the new film documentary. During the war, the Ursuline Monastery at Langstraat 20 in Weert housed refugees, people in hiding and Jews. Despite many monks of German descent and a superior of German nationality. An example of this help is the hiding of the Jewish sisters Eef and Simone Polak from Eindhoven, under the care of the German sister Raphaele, in August 1942. After a year, these sisters are still housed at ten addresses in Central Limburg, including the farm of Haves owned by the widow Hermans of which filmmaker Peter Hermans is a grandson.

Successful documentaries
Peter Crins (two-time winner of the Limburg Film Festival) has already delivered several very successful documentaries, such as ‘De Meysbergh’ and ‘Grensgeval’. Researcher Crins came across so much new material in recent years that he had no choice but to make this film. For the making of this film, he again called in his teacher Peter Hermans. Events in his village that no one talked about for years surfaced. Information presented itself and it was ‘kill your darlings’ for Crins and Hermans who had so much new material at their disposal.

About this new film documentary
‘Aber der Kirche pasert nichts’, the Germans said when the Allies advanced and they were driven from Leveroy. The photos and the historical images tell a different story… Documentary makers Peter Crins and Peter Hermans put more than 25 years of research into this film documentary, which is packed with new film material and documents. Such as the denouement of the liquidation of two Germans, which was not or hardly discussed in Leveroy for years. Exceptional view of Germans retreating across the canal, Ospelnaren being expelled and being shelled in a Leveroyse farmhouse, killing two of their hosts.

There are stories of people who saw the enormous shelling in Stramproy and Weert on the German-occupied area behind the Wessem-Nederweert canal. This was followed by the crossing over the canal to begin the liberation of Leveroy and the surrounding area. During the withdrawal of the Germans, the church of Leveroy was completely blown up. And unlike Weert and Nederweert, Father Crins prevented an ax day in Leveroy: he defended a girl with a prong to prevent her from being shaved.

2.5-hour film documentary
These are some highlights from this 2.5-hour film documentary that also shows that the invasion in 1940 had already been prepared by German spies. As a result of that espionage, the Germans moved around the defenses of Weert, forcing many people from Weert and Nederweert to evacuate unnecessarily. In which are also discussed: Leveroynaren who ended up in concentration camp Vught, the bell robbery in the church, Jewish people in hiding, the air war and help to pilots, the resistance, the cantonment of German soldiers and the shelter of German deserters: for the one a success for the other catastrophic.

About the documentary makers
In 1994 the idea arose to make a documentary about Leveroy during WWII. Where Peter Crins (two-time winner of the Limburg Film Festival and of the Servaas Huys Prize, the prize for the best amateur film) and Peter Hermans were initially skeptical whether they could get enough material to the surface, they diligently researched which gave the plan sufficient body. . Incidentally, it was Peter Hermans who fueled the fire with Peter Crins to start making films, resulting in many successful film documentaries by the gentlemen.

The inexperience turned out to cost a lot of money and the analogue quality was not satisfactory, but the passion and interest in this form of historiography had arisen. The unexpected success of ‘Leveroy 1940-1945’ demanded more and the digital age was moved on. A significant improvement. Some subjects called for in-depth exploration and more and more material was brought to the table. This film documentary ‘Aber der Kirche passionrt nichts’ contains more than 25 years of research and recordings.

The film documentary ‘Aber der Kirche passionrt nichts’ can be seen in the Pestoeërskoel room in Leveroy, Sillenhoek 4, at:

Friday 18 November 19.30 premiere

Saturday, November 19 at 2 p.m
Saturday 19 November 7.30 pm

Sunday 20 November 2 pm
Sunday 20 November 7.30 pm

Tickets cost €13.50 each and that includes a drink. There is free choice of seat and the hall is open half an hour before the start.

On Saturday 10 December, the Weerter premiere of the film documentary can be seen in the Munttheater, Collegeplein 3 in Weert.

Saturday, December 10, 2 p.m.
Saturday 10 December 19.30 hrs

Tickets cost €13.50 each and that includes a drink. Here you can reserve the place of your preference on the map.

The organization is in the hands of Fanfare Concordia Leveroy in collaboration with De Aldenborgh and Royal LGOG.

Photo: Image bank WW2-NIOD

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