a fresh Star Wars breeze is blowing through Disney+

It’s finally here! The first three episodes of Andoro are now streaming on Disney+. But is the show worth checking out? The first reviews draw a striking conclusion.

Don’t be scared, but it’s been three months since the final of Obi-Wan Kenobi came out.

Star Wars: from bad to good news

Since then, Star Wars fans have had to take in a fair share of bad news. Earlier this week, it was announced that Disney has canceled the only film that was still on the schedule.

Then we are talking about the dogfightmovie by Wonder Womandirector Patty Jenkins. The concept was just so cool: Top Gun, but with X-Wings. Well, you don’t have to count on that anymore.

Where it remains silent on film level, Lucasfilm gives a lot of gas if possible in the series area. Kenya We’ve only just finished it, but from now on you can already start on the next Star Wars series.

Disney+ drops Andor

Andoro has launched on Disney+! Starting today, the first three episodes of the show are available to stream. Andoro takes place five years ago Rogue One af, making it a prequel of a prequel. We follow Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), who was instrumental in the early days of the Rebel Alliance.

Reviews are pouring in

So now the show is out. Is that a cause for celebration? Secure!

Recently, the first reactions appeared on Twitter. They were remarkably positive, but well, that usually applies to such first takes of journalists who still have to deal with an embargo.

Now that the show is out, critics can fling their reviews all over the internet. Finally we can take stock, and the result is very cheerful.

Grim HBO show

Almost every review is very positive. Critics especially praise how different Andoro has been compared to the previous Star Wars series. Instead of an endless barrage of references and cameos, we are presented with a grim story that could have come straight from the stable of HBO, so they conclude.

It keeps coming back that Andoro finally diverges from Disney’s Star Wars model.

What about Rotten Tomatoes?

Better news you can die hard fans of the franchise almost do not give. It’s just too early for a preliminary Rotten Tomatoes score, as there are only two official reviews left at the time of writing.

So it’s just a matter of being patient until the reviews there are processed, but the preliminary impression is in any case very positive. Rotten Tomatoes may already have an overview by the time you read this article. Then check this page.

First Andor reviews at a glance

Below we summarize the first reviews of the Disney+ Original for you. Prefer to judge for yourself? Fortunately, that is already possible right away, because Andoro is now available to stream on Disney+.


“A huge, huge welcome farewell to the quintessential ‘Star Wars model’ of Disney+.”


“Amazingly, Gilroy manages to keep viewers intrigued through two methods that are easy to conceive, but difficult to execute: building incredible worlds and layering characters.”

The Hollywood Reporter:

“A Star Wars origin story not for the Baby Yoda audience.”


“Across the board feels Andoro like a Star Wars series for a more mature audience.”

First reactions Star Wars Andor Disney+
Andoro (Image: Disney)

Yahoo! Movies:

“Despite taking its name from a single character, it is Andoro a real ensemble piece, just like the best Star Wars material.”

Heroic Hollywood:

“By far the most mature Star Wars story Lucasfilm has ever presented.”

Nerds and Beyond:

“The raw, grounded story that Star Wars has been needing for ages.”


“Amazingly, Gilroy manages to keep viewers intrigued through two methods that are easy to conceive, but difficult to execute: building incredible worlds and layering characters.”


“With sharper edges than this franchise is used to, a formerly peripheral character has delivered one of the most intriguing starts to a live-action Star Wars project.”


“This series is brimming with that potential moment by moment. Hopefully it will eventually remember that, like it or not, it’s also a TV show.”

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