Netflix incites anger with dark film about murder case

Coming on October 19 The Stranger out, a thriller about a murder case thatimmediately stands out. The family of the victim on which the film is based isfurious that Netflix is ​​going to release the film.

Netflix has dethroned HBO as king of the in recent years true crime. Thedocumentaries are flying around you.

Netflix presents The Stranger

For example, a documentary series will be released in October with never-before-seen recordings of conversations with the serial killer, necrophile andcannibal Jeffrey Dahmer.

It doesn’t stop there as far as Dahmer is concerned. WandaVision star EvanPeters will also play the serial killer in a Netflix series called Dahmer –Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story for which the first trailer was releasedlast week.

Coming in the same month The Stranger from. Not a documentary but a filmabout a crime case, directed by the Australian actor and film director ThomasM. Wright. The film will be released on the streaming service on October 19,but the project is already causing considerable controversy.

Criminal Network and Obi-Wan Kenobi

The thriller follows two men who do not know each other, but whose lives cometogether in a blood-curdling way. Henry Teague, played by Sean Harris, is asuspect in an unsolved missing person case. The other man is an undercover copplayed by Obi-Wan Kenobi ‘s Joel Edgerton.

His character is part of a small group of secret agents who have infiltrated adark criminal network. Their goal? Catching a killer who’s been on the run foreight years.

That’s already a recipe for an exciting thriller, but what The Stranger Whatis intriguing on paper is the fact that the film is largely based on a real-life murder case.

True story and controversy

We’re talking about the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Morcombe, a 13-year-old schoolboy who was kidnapped at a bus stop in 2003. It was one of the most_high profile_ affairs in Australia’s recent history. Only after a long undercover operation, the killer was found and arrested.

Then you wonder what makes this film so controversial. Well, the family of themurdered Australian boy is anything but happy with Netflix’s project. In fact,they claim that everyone involved is blatantly profiting from the case,without showing any respect for their son.

Distasteful, morally corrupt

Or, as his father summed up to ABC Australia: “We think this is the mostdistasteful, the most hurtful and of no use to society at all”.

Daniel Morcombe’s mother is also furious.

“Individuals who make money from a heinous crime are parasites. They areheartless and disrespectful to Daniel, the DMF and the Morcombe family. Wefind the making of the film morally corrupt and cruel. You should be ashamedof yourself,” said the victim’s mother on Twitter.

Netflix the stranger murder casethriller(Image: Netflix)

To be continued…

Oh dear. If every family of homicide victims reacted like this, HBO andNetflix’s movie and series libraries would be a lot smaller. At the same time,it is of course their right.

For now, the release of the film is still going ahead. The Stranger will bereleased in Australian cinemas on October 6, followed by streaming worldwideon October 19 on Netflix.