OM is investigating Baudet’s report about ‘liquidation comment’ by Johan Derksen show

no excusesThe Public Prosecution Service in The Hague is investigating whether Johan Derksen has made a punishable statement with his liquidation remark about Thierry Baudet. The Public Prosecution Service is responding to a report that the foreman of Forum for Democracy leader has made of a threat. This is not an in-depth investigation, but a short assessment, emphasizes a spokesperson.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, this is a standard procedure if a threat to a politician is reported. The Public Prosecution Service will then inform Baudet whether, in the opinion of the Public Prosecution Service, it makes sense to file a complaint against Derksen.

Even if the Public Prosecution Service gives a negative advice, the Forum for Democracy leader can still decide to file a complaint. The Public Prosecution Service cannot say how long the investigation into the report will take.

‘They have to liquidate it’

Derksen said in Wednesday evening Today Inside about the Forum for Democracy leader that ‘they need to liquidate that guy’. Presenter Wilfred Genee joked immediately after Derksen’s comment: “Can this still be cut out?”

The same evening, FvD suggested preparing a declaration on social media for the much-discussed comment. That report has not yet been filed. A report has been received at the Public Prosecution Service in The Hague. “We are now going to take a closer look at that. We are going to see what exactly was said and whether this is a criminal statement.” Derksen has not yet been contacted at this stage, the spokesperson says.

“If he’s that stupid…”

Derksen said immediately after the comment that it was a slip of the tongue. In his own words, he meant ‘that they should kick Baudet out of the Chamber’. Derksen is convinced that Baudet does not stand a chance if he decides to proceed with the report. His co-host Wilfred Genee showed how many different meanings the word liquidate can have.

“If he is stupid enough to file a complaint, a lawyer will come with the Van Dale and say: well, just say it,” Derksen said. The football analyst calls it ‘staggering, the noise that arises. It seems as if half of the Netherlands is waiting for someone to say something that you can put your finger on’.

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Security due to threats

RTL Boulevard stated on Thursday that Wilfred Genee walked to his car at the Media Park with two security guards because of threats. SBS6 does not want to comment on this news on Thursday evening. “Due to security reasons, we cannot answer questions related to security,” said a spokesperson.

SBS6 previously called Derksen’s comment a slip of the tongue. It was a comment that “he immediately recovered and to which he returned later in the broadcast,” a spokesperson for the TV station said when asked.

Derksen is not going to apologize to Baudet. Opposite RTL Boulevard Derksen maintains that it was a slip of the tongue and that therefore he sees no reason to say sorry. ,,I do not apologise, I have done nothing wrong”, says Derksen. “People who have seen it, have seen that it was a slip of the tongue and that I immediately repaired it,” says Derksen. “It doesn’t affect me. I don’t give a shit. They just file a report. Then I’ll get a lawyer and he’ll handle it.”

‘This is not possible’

Despite the fact that Derksen said it was a slip of the tongue, Baudet was not happy. ,,Johan Derksen calls on live television for the liquidation (!) of Thierry Baudet, and presenter Wilfred Genee laughs happily. This cannot and should not be without consequences,” the party wrote.

Derksen said Wednesday evening in Today Inside about the Forum for Democracy leader that
Derksen said Wednesday evening in Today Inside about the Forum for Democracy leader that “they have to liquidate that guy”. © AD/ANP

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