Our 5 TV tips for the coming days (from Saturday 24/9/2022)

A guest in the monastery

TESTIMONY • Actor Thomas Cammaert, known for The Passion, Ramses and Wie is de Mol, is a guest of the Premonstratensians in the Abbey of Berne in Heeswijk Dinther for three days. It is the oldest surviving monastic order in the Netherlands. The Flemish Thomas grew up in a Catholic family. When he discovered that he liked men, he no longer felt welcome in the church. How does he settle in monastic life in Brabant? In the garden of the abbey he enters into a conversation with Abbot Denis Hendrickx and asks whether the brothers in his abbey can be openly gay.

Cloister guests, Saturday 24 September 2022, 4.03pm-4.30pm, NPO2

‘Remaining women’

DOCU • Many women in China are also ambitious. They study and have a great career. But if they are still unmarried at 27, they no longer count. Filmmakers Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia follow three successful Chinese women in Beijing: 34-year-old lawyer Qiu Hua Mei, 28-year-old radio host Xu Min and 36-year-old assistant professor Gai Qi in Beijing. Despite their successful careers, these women are seen as ‘sheng nu’, a derogatory term for ‘leftover’ women.

2Doc: Leftover women, Saturday September 24, 2022, 11:54 pm-1:18 am, NPO2

People with disabilities’

CONVERSATION • What does it mean to have a disability and what does that say about our humanity? Writer and researcher Jacqueline Kool deals with these questions. The outside world often has prejudices about people with disabilities: they would have a difficult life, there is a lot that is not possible. Jacqueline Kool takes a stand against these prejudices. She chooses to say yes to her life in an electric wheelchair, and everything that comes with it. Of course it is sometimes difficult, but isn’t that true for everyone? And what do we really know about the other?

The wonder, Sunday 25 September 2022, 8.32 am-9.02 am, NPO2

Inside the head of Caroline Pauwels

DOCU • The four seasons of Caroline Pauwels provides an insight into the rich and full life of the late Caroline Pauwels during an eventful year in which she had to resign as rector of the VUB due to her illness, but in which she was also guest curator of Theater aan Zee. We follow her at random, but also at selected moments throughout the summer, autumn, winter and spring of the year 2021-2022. We get to know her view of the world and see how it evolves through the seasons. How do the different atmospheres and moods enter her life? And how does she deal with the daily reality she is confronted with? Caroline Pauwels’ four seasons is an intimate portrait of an unusually fascinating and inspiring personality.

The four seasons of Caroline Pauwels, Monday September 26, 2022, 9.20 pm – 10.20 pm, Canvas

The woman who wanted to be a billionaire

DOCU • In 2004, Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of college to start Theranos, a company that would revolutionize healthcare. Holmes was dubbed the new Steve Jobs, but just two years later, she fell off her pedestal. This documentary tells the story of the rise and fall of the woman who thought she would become the youngest female billionaire in the world.

The inventor: out for blood in Silicon Valley, Wednesday September 28, 2022, 10.50 pm-0.45 am, Canvas

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