Our son is going to be very important

Laurent Simons. Photo: Videoland

You’d only have one, a child prodigy like Laurent Simons. Your family is quiteupside down. That becomes clear when you watch the documentary Laurent, thechild prodigy on Videoland. It can be seen from today.

He is 12 years old, that Flemish-Dutch gifted boy with an IQ of 145+. Incomparison, the IQ of the historical scientist Albert Einstein is estimated at160. But whether that was also true when the born German was 12… Anyway,Laurent is blessed with an incredible brain. Brain that allowed him tocomplete groups 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in eighteen months at primary school.

Subway watched the documentary Laurent, the child prodigy in advance Lookat the Tube. In this column Erik Jonk discusses new and striking TV programsfrom the regular broadcasters and streaming services.

Laurent quickly to gymnasium and university

At the age of six, the eloquent Laurent Simons started grammar school. An agewhen you and I just started writing ‘tree, rose and fish’. Laurent didn’t, healso raced through his secondary school days and had his master’s degree inphysics at the University of Antwerp two months ago.

Years ago, father Alexander and mother Lydia Simons did not realize that theirchild was special. They ran three thriving dental practices, which is whyLaurent grew up with his grandfather and grandmother. The grandparents saw:our grandchild has certain gifts. The dental practices have since been sold,giving Alexander and Lydia time to mentor Laurent – ​​who lives with themagain – and ‘manage his career’. Videoland was allowed to come and take anexclusive look at the family. That exclusive is not too bad, because numerousmedia were already let in by the Simons family. Anyway, for this documentarythere was no other camera available.

Parents pronounced on Videoland

Said parents do not mince words in the Videoland documentary about their son.”What Laurent has done so far is unprecedented, that has never happenedbefore,” says mother Lydia. And father Alexander, who by the way looks a lotlike the smart boy: “I think he will become very important for humanity.” Ajournalist from the Belgian The last news remembers a first phone call fromDad. “He phoned very excitedly that he wanted to tell us about his 6-year-oldson. I met two very proud parents.”

Laurent child prodigy documentaryVideolandAlexander,Laurent and Lydia Simons. Photo: Videoland

That might also be what rubs in a bit Laurent, the child prodigy. ‘Leavethat child’, you quickly remember. However, there have already been plenty ofpeople who have expressed their opinion of the family – without ever meetingthem – on social media. But more importantly: when it comes to studying,Laurent wants it, especially himself. If he has to exercise for the necessarymovement, he needs a push (and he doesn’t have the ball feeling, for example).To get up early? Not for him. Ten or eleven in the morning, he thinks that’sfine. Studying for three to four hours is also enough.

Giftedness in the Netherlands

More than 400,000 people live in the Netherlands with some form of giftedness.However, there are big differences, according to experts. There are many moregifted people who can achieve something than gifted people who actually do it.In the case of giftedness, science assumes an IQ of 130+.

Laurent doesn’t know why he is a child prodigy

We see in the documentary that Laurent is giving a master’s speech at Tel AvivUniversity. Despite his age, he is already getting offers from companies fromall over the world, as he is now known. Just a reminder, he is 12 years old.Laurent finds the term gifted, after he must have heard it thousands of times,but nothing. “I especially think I am unique, I am just myself.” And: “I don’tknow why I’m so smart. But I find it flattering to be associated with nameslike Einstein.”

Laurent child prodigyVideolandLaurentSimons. Photo: Robin Utrecht

It’s best within the family. A child that is smarter than the parents, muchsmarter, that is an unusual situation. He may take all the opportunities heneeds, but must not lose sight of the fact that there are other things aswell. For example, horseback riding, gaming and playing with grandpa, grandma,nephews and nieces.

What will the child prodigy do next?

Completing that physics degree at the age of 12 sounds wonderful. But whatwill Laurent actually do with it? Brace yourself: he wants to achieveimmortality. And if that doesn’t work, at least extend human lives. Beautiful:“That children no longer have to miss their grandfathers and grandmothers.”Did I mention this boy is 12 years old?

The documentary is not necessarily special, because this striking scientisthas been in the picture was standing. But it is all very interesting.

Laurent, the child prodigy can be seen on Videoland from today.

Number of cans out of 5: 3.5.