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mining coDo you like to watch linear TV and Netflix? With various providers you can also activate a Netflix subscription with your television subscription. Is that cheaper than paying for both services separately? Which provider are you best off with? And are there any cheaper alternatives? Mijntelco.be will find out.

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A basic Netflix subscription costs 8.99 euros per month. Combining such a subscription with an internet subscription is perfectly possible. The total package is often cheaper. Below we list the options offered by providers Orange, Proximus and Telenet. To calculate the sum of the provider subscription and the streaming subscription, we assume bundles with internet and TV with decoder.

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Orange TV decoder including Netflix: 41.99 euros per month

Orange offers a Love Pack with fast internet (download speed 150 Mbps) and Orange TV for 59 euros per month. The 59 euro one-time start-up costs are not included in this. If you take GoPlus in the same formula, the subscription costs less: 33 euros. With GoPlus you can text and call unlimited, and you get 11 GB of data per month. With GoPlus, the start-up costs are also free. That means that you pay 26 euros less subscription and no 59 euros start-up costs. That formula with, for example, Netflix basic (8.99 euros) added, will cost you 41.99 euros per month.

Proximus TV decoder including Netflix: 58.98 euros per month

If we opt for a bundle with Internet and TV with a decoder at Proximus, the provider proposes Flex as the cheapest solution. The first three months you pay 49.99 euros monthly, then 63.99 euros every month. With this formula you can surf unlimited with a download speed of 100 Mbps, you have a TV with a decoder and you get My ePress. My ePress gives you unlimited access to Het Laatste Nieuws Digitaal or Le Soir. Because that offer is a promotion, you do not have to pay the 59 euro installation costs. If you take out a subscription to Netflix basic, you pay 58.98 euros for the first month.

Telenet TV decoder including Netflix: 53.99 euros per month

At Telenet, the Easy Internet bundle with Telenet TV Iconic is currently the cheapest formula for combining internet with TV with decoder. The price tag: the first three months 45 euros and the following months 60.85 euros per month. The package offers a download volume of 150 GB with a maximum download speed of 100 Mbps and digital TV. You get Play Sports Open and Streamz for free for 14 days. The activation of 50 euros is free in that promotion. If you add a Netflix basic subscription, it will cost you 53.99 euros for the first month.

Cheaper alternative: streaming online

If you don’t want a TV with a decoder, but you do want to watch movies, series or documentaries from the streaming services, that’s also possible, read here how you can replace your decoder with an app.

In order to stream online, it is necessary that you have more than sufficient or unlimited surfing volume and that your download speed is sufficiently high, especially if you stream a lot or if several family members each stream their favorite movie or series at the same time.

Orange online streaming including Netflix: 18.99 euros per month

Love Duo with GO Light from Orange is currently the cheapest formula to stream online. Due to a promotion, you pay a subscription fee of 10 euros for the first six months, then 46 euros monthly. There are no activation costs. You enjoy unlimited internet at a download speed of 100 Mbps. In addition, you also get 150 calling minutes, unlimited text messages and 2 GB data per SIM card. With the Netflix basic subscription, it will cost you 18.99 euros for the first month.

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