Viewers divided over rich ladies in Steenrijk, Straatarm

Best friends Ferrah and Christie live in luxury. It is impossible for theenterprising ladies: a gigantic villa, luxury trips and someone who cooks andcleans for them. In the latest episode of Rich, Poor they exchange with theElisabeth family, who regularly has to knock on the door of the food bank.

This way, both the friends and the family can look at the other side of thecoin.

The luxurious lifestyle of Ferrah and Christie

39-year-old Ferrah, who is Turkish roots owns a luxury holiday villa ofalmost 2000 square meters in the west of Turkey. The villa in Izmir is fullyequipped: a beautiful view over the coast, three bathrooms, a sauna and a hugeliving room. There is even a housekeeper who is available 24/7. Ferrah’s28-year-old best friend Christie regularly pops by in Turkey.

Both power women are at the helm of several companies in real estate, cryptoand coaching and have nothing to complain about financially. The high-heeledfriends work hard, but also try to enjoy life as much as possible. “It mayjust be that we have a crazy mood and say: we’re going to Ibiza for aweekend,” says Christie. “Then you really have to think of a weekend of tenthousand at least. It’s nice that we have that freedom and can decide forourselves what we do. If we see something beautiful, we can just buy it.”

Family in Lelystad makes ends meet

A big contrast with this week’s poor family, the Elisabeth family. The familyconsists of father Maikel, mother Wienanda and their girls Latisha, Chady andShumaila. Maikel and Wienanda work as cleaners and live in a modest rentalhouse in Lelystad. They received most of the stuff in the house or bought itvia Marktplaats or Facebook. That the family has to make ends meet has notalways been the case. Fifteen years ago, disaster struck: the company thatWienanda had recently taken over from her parents was hit by a fire. Theinsurance did not pay out and that heralded the beginning of the financialmisery. This has left deep marks. “If you’ve lost everything, eventuallyyou’ll be like, ‘Why am I here anyway?’ But your family is more important.”They are now debt free, but their incomes are barely high enough to pay thebills. They therefore have to use the food bank.

The exchange in Steenrijk, Street poor

The Elisabeth family has 110 euros per week to spend, Ferrah and Christie 2250euros per week. So a big difference. Christie says they join because they wantto give and share their lifestyle. “I hope people see what’s possible.” Thepoorer family mainly hopes to have fun.

And then the trading adventure begins. The Elisabeths cannot believe theireyes when they arrive at the villa in Turkey. “I feel like I’m in a museum,”exclaims father Maikel as they tour the house. The family says several timesthat it feels like a dream.

Ferrah and Christie are also not entirely negative at first: both at theirfirst sight of the neighborhood and the house, they say that it “looks nice”.Later they are shocked by the overdue maintenance in the house. “I couldn’trelax here. It hurts my heart a little bit.” The weekly budget is also hard.

“How do they do this?”

The ladies think it’s quite a reality check. “How do they do this?” Ferrahwonders. “I always put money aside when I earn myself,” says Christie. “Buthow are you going to get rid of this?” Ferrah replies. “Still,” says Christie.She believes that the family should invest. “Money makes money.” The two dealwith the budget as best they can. If the girlfriends go over budget whenshopping, they have to put some back. Yet they manage to get by with theweekly budget. In fact, they are even left with 66 euros, to the surprise ofthe Elisabeth family.

Ferrah and Christie are excited to go home, but say they have “learned a lotand laughed a lot.” Wienanda and Maikel’s family packs their bags withreluctance. They prefer not to go home, although they are looking forward togetting to know each other. When this happens, Ferrah and Christie announcethat they want to help the family with their finances. Father Maikel andmother Wienanda do not keep it dry.

Viewers on Twitter divided over Steenrijk, Straatarm

Despite their generous offer, not everyone is a fan of Ferrah and Christie.There are complaints on Twitter that the ladies would flaunt their money toomuch. The comment that the family has to set aside 10 percent is also not upto some Twitter users. „Oh how nice. She puts 10 percent aside every month.I’m guessing if these people could have done that, they would have. But thatdoesn’t work for everyone.”

But there is also respect for the women. „A lot of commentary on the twoladies but they have the balls to achieve this. It’s easy to comment and bejealous when you haven’t accomplished anything yourself,” one person wrote.Another: “I thought both ‘families’ were great. I really didn’t think the richladies had any haircuts. They only indicated that they set aside 10 percentthemselves. And as coaches offer help to the other family. Top!”

There is also a joke about the walk away from the cabinet after ThierryBaudet’s speech. „President suspends at Rich, Poor to watch together.”

Well rich aunts maybe you should just get rid of those people’s debts when> you have so much money to show off> #steenrijkstreetarm>> — Harry Bruggink (@Harry_Bruggink) September 21,> 2022

Oh how nice. She sets aside 10% every month. I’m guessing if these people> could have done that, they would have. Maaaaaar that doesn’t work for> everyone.> #steenrijkstreetarm>> — Claudia (@claudje_ammy) September 21,> 2022

President suspends at> #steenrijkstreetarm> to watch together.>> there go these> #GeneralConsiderations> namely about.>> And Baudet unfortunately steals the show..>> — Ernst Jan (@KarelsEJ) September 21,> 2022

A lot of commentary on the two ladies but they have the balls to achieve> this. It’s easy to comment and be jealous when you haven’t accomplished> anything yourself.> #steenrijkstreetarm>> — [email protected] (@hjmdart) September 21,> 2022

I thought both ‘families’ were great. I really didn’t think the rich ladies> had any haircuts. She only indicated that she herself puts 10% aside. And as> coaches offer help to the other family. Top!> #steenrijkstreetarm>> — Sudje (@sudje1984) September 21,> 2022

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