Actor Ezra Miller to Court for Burglary: What Happened? | backbite

Ezra Miller hasn’t made the news for months because of movie roles. The actor,who identifies as non-binary, became discredited for, among other things,assault, the grooming of minors and burglary. They will face trial in the USstate of Vermont on Monday for the latter offense.

By Michiel Vos

Miller has been arrested several times in recent months, but this is thefirst time it has come to trial. The actor, known as The Flash in severalfilms, was arrested several times for outbursts of violence during their stayin Hawaii. Miller was ordered to pay a $500 fine after assaulting a woman at akaraoke bar.

In other incidents, such as a break-in at a couple where the actor stolepassports, the charges were dropped. A number of times it also came to asettlement outside the courtroom.

The burglary for which they must appear in court, took place on May 1 in thestate of Vermont. There the Fantastic Beasts actor a farm. Millerallegedly broke into a house and stole bottles of alcohol. The residents werenot home at the time.

The police spoke to witnesses and looked at CCTV footage and ended up withMiller. Still, it took more than two months before the actor was found to hearthe charges.

The house where the actor broke into is said to be the home of a childhoodfriend. That’s what Miller’s spokesperson says to Vanity Fair. “Miller wascooking with their mother and needed rice wine for this. They went to thechildhood friend’s house to pick up the wine and another bottle of wine,” saidthe spokesperson. The actor would not have realized that the friendship hascooled.

Miller is due to appear in court on Monday for a preliminary hearing. Thiswill give them the exact charge.

Ezra Miller as The Flash in the movie Justice League (2017).

Photo: BrunoPress

It looks like this won ‘t be the last time the actor will have to appear incourt to answer for their behavior. Miller is also suspected of grooming :building a relationship of trust with a minor and then exploiting it.

The parents of a 12-year-old child filed a restraining order against Miller,alleging an “unhealthy interest” in the child. Insiders say to _Vanity Fair_that this ban will remain in force until June 2023. Massachusetts PoliceDepartment confirms a case against Miller that includes three interactionswith the 12-year-old.

The parents of eighteen-year-old activist Tokata Iron Eyes also wanted tokeep the actor away from their child. Iron Eyes met Miller at age 12 (theactor was 23 at the time) and bonded with them. The activist now lives withMiller. According to the parents, the actor keeps her under their controlwith, among other things, intimidation, violence and drugs.

Miller said in a statement last month that she has entered therapy to treat”complex mental health problems.” “I want to apologize to everyone who hasbeen touched by my past behavior. I will do everything I can to be healthy andproductive again,” they said.

Miller should hit theaters in the movie from June 2023 The Flash. It is notyet clear whether the release will go ahead as planned.

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