Fajah Lourens no longer finds her ‘old’ breasts beautiful: ‘Happy and happy with decision’ | show

Fitness influencer Fajah Lourens (41) is very happy that she has chosen to have her breast implants removed. She did so after realizing that her happiness in life does not depend on her cup size. She doesn’t even think her ‘old’ bosom is beautiful anymore.

She writes that today in her Instagram Stories. With a photo of her bare torso from before the operation, she reflects on the procedure. “The longer I look at it, the less beautiful I find it,” Lourens told her 150,000 followers. ‘I saw something completely different then than now. I am genuinely pleased and happy with my choice.’

Lourens had her breasts enlarged around her 20th birthday. She calls her bosom a ‘lifelong topic’, which she has been involved with since childhood. For example, her stepfather did not allow her to wear a bikini and she had to share swimming trunks with her brothers, because she “didn’t have breasts yet”, she wrote earlier. The contrast with her role model was great: Fajah wanted to look like Pamela Anderson, known for her large breasts.

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Pamela Anderson during the Baywatch series, when Fajah Lourens was young. © PR

The successful entrepreneur now thinks she wanted bigger breasts because she felt too little seen in her youth. At the end of last year it was realized that she does not need an enlarged bosom to be seen. “I went to tell that little girl she’s beautiful the way she is. Also with her own cup size,” wrote Fajah, one of the women who posed topless for the “anti-pretentiousness” number of Linda.

The decisive moment came when her right implant started leaking for the second time in five years last year. She first decided to take new copies, and had another complication and therefore a lowered resistance, after which she got corona. This couldn’t go on any longer, she concluded. Lourens had her implants removed and her breasts lifted.

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Think twice

Her new body is immediately connected to her work: with a bikini photo, she promoted her new line of bikinis for “small breasts” this week. By the way, she no longer has to wear bras. “I don’t fit one,” she wrote two months after surgery. “My cup size is so small that every triangle is too big.”

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Lourens especially advises to think again if you are considering having a breast augmentation. “Know that you are more than a body with breasts,” Fajah said. ‘By always accepting yourself and not resisting reality, you will see that you don’t need anything to be happy. Suffering arises from resistance to reality.’

Fajah doesn't like her 'old' breasts anymore.
Fajah doesn’t like her ‘old’ breasts anymore. © Instagram Stories FayaOfficial

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