Is Yvonne Coldeweijer going too far? “Shares made-up juice?”

Yvonne Coldeweijer throws one after the other celebrities in front of thebus. Often the juice that the gossip queen brings is right, but it alsosometimes happens that it is not right. There has been a lot of discussionabout the trustworthiness of her ‘spies’, and after the latest juice she’sshared, more and more questions arise. Is Yvonne going too far?

“Have you ever dated a celebrity? Or do you know someone who ended up in bedwith a celebrity and experienced something crazy / stupid / funny?”, was thequestion Yvonne asked her followers on Instagram yesterday.

Yvonne’s inbox soon filled with the craziest stories about celebrities. Anyonecould message her and the juice was immediately shared on her Instagramaccount. But the big question is: how reliable is that juice really?


For example, a follower shares a story about Hans Kraay Jr. “Not dated but hada big sjans behind the bar of our football club when he was a guest at thetime,” writes the follower, who calls Hans a ‘smeerkees’ because he is awanted to have a drink with her. ,,I couldn’t get rid of that guy… I wassmeared just before the end of the game.”

One night stand

Another follower starts talking about Martin Garrix. A friend of hers is saidto have had a one night stand with the DJ. ,,It only lasted 3 minutes and whenhe then asked what grade she would give him and she indicated that it wasdisappointing, he became very irritated. She also said that he was being veryoblivious/showy.”

secret dates

Juvat Westendorp is also not untouched. “Juvat Westendorp dated when he had agirlfriend,” writes another follower. “Secretly meet up in his car at theMediapark in Hilversum.”

Like Juvat, Eljerio Elia would also secretly meet with different women. “Wasin 2015, but then he was already with his current wife,” says a follower inconversation with Yvonne. “Sometimes he stayed all night, sometimes he leftafter a few hours.”


The gossip queen goes one step further: she shares a story from a follower whosays that Djarno Hofland used André Hazes as bait to lure women to a hotel.

,,He tried to lure you by saying he was with André. Fortunately, I neverresponded, it took about 2 years”, says this follower, who happens to haveanother story. ,,The other is Mart Hoogkamer, he still contacts me about twicea month. He has a secret Snapchat account that his girlfriend certainlydoesn’t know about.”


Some stories are confirmed by multiple followers, but some are not. Becauseanyone can submit a story and nothing seems to have been researched by Yvonne,it raises the question whether a number of stories were made up by herfollowers.

Little ‘juice’

In addition to a juice channel, Yvonne also has a paid Telegram group wheresubscribers receive the first scoops for ten euros a month. But in recentmonths, few videos are said to have been shared in the group. “In thebeginning really nice/lots of juice, but for the last 3 months really onlyonce a week or sometimes once every two weeks,” a member recently told juicechannel Realityfbi.

Also, not all videos would have been as ‘juicy’ as Yvonne suggested on herInstagram. ,I paid 2x 1 month because I was curious about the juice from Roseand Gregory”, said another. ,,That video was nothing like that… Via Instagramit seems indeed much more than the videos behind the paywall.” Starting to run