Outrage in British ‘Blind Married’: Contestant is allowed to marry after abuse allegations TV

TVIt will be your (new) husband… George Roberts (40), candidate in the Britishversion of ‘Married Blind’, is accused of assault, but the program makers wereallowed to tie the knot. Three exes can’t believe their eyes. “I’m shockedthat someone like that gets a podium.”

Three former partners filed a complaint against George. All three call himobsessive, manipulative and abusive. They cannot understand that such a personis allowed to participate in ‘Blind Married’. They therefore sounded the alarmwhen they saw their ex appear in the trailer. Although the makers of theprogram completely ignored them. “I’m shocked that someone like that gets astage on a TV show. I notified the creators and told them I was filing acomplaint with the police. They asked for additional information, but afterthat I didn’t hear from them again,” said one of the women.

Same story with a second wife: “I contacted ‘Blind Married’ and all theproducers to tell them that he is a known emotional and mental abuser.”

The third witness also tried to do everything he could to prevent hisparticipation. “I sent everything I had to the creators. They claimed theywould investigate.”

Police check

The production and broadcaster of the TV show defend itself by saying thatevery participant is thoroughly investigated and that all allegations of thisnature are taken seriously. “We work closely with our production partners toensure that all ‘Blind Married’ contestants are subject to a rigorousbackground and psychological check. A police check is also part of this,” saysa spokesperson for the channel. Another source of the channel claims that theywere only informed of the allegations after the recordings.

Meanwhile, the new season of the British ‘Blind Married’ to the controversialRoberts is already halfway through. The man married April, but the fairy talewas reportedly too good to be true. April hinted on Instagram that theirrelationship was coming to an end. “The traumas that came up through the showmade me look at it differently. Since then I’ve also been seeing a therapistand I’m not ashamed of that,” she wrote.

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April Banbury © Channel 4

George himself did not respond directly to the allegations, but used hisspokesperson. “As the father of four daughters, he finds the allegationsdeeply disturbing and does not condone abuse at all. He doesn’t act that wayeither. The allegations have never been brought to the attention because theyare simply not true.”



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